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The Writer’s Gallery:

— is a unique concept.  We do not intend this to be about any one aspect of the writing craft.  We are not only competitions, or showcases, or discussion forums, or advice columns, or prompts,  or a place to compare interpretations; we are an encyclopedic source, willing to expand, open to suggestion, and eager to meet the needs of the writing profession in every genre and format.

Below is an outline that we as the editors and you as a participant can pull out from time to time and gauge the purpose, the content and the quality of this site.  We as your hosts and the whole community as users and participants can work together to build something more diverse, more significant, and more useful than any writing resource available.  This is NOT going to be an ordinary site, we will settle for nothing less than EXTRAORDINARY.

1. This is a teaching site.
A: Offering instructive exercises (lessons)
B: Informative advice pieces
i.     Written by the editors
ii..     and compiled through contributions
C: A discussion forum on all topics of writing.

2. This is a participatory site.
  1. Competitive challenges
  2. Comparative interpretations
  3. Demonstration and showcased pieces
    1. Written by the editors
    2. Contributed and Selected
    3. Commissioned works
    4. innovative technique
    5. unusual POV / perspective / interpretation
    6. creative inspiration
      1. our prompts
      2. your prompts
      3. real life experiences
    7. Submitted suggestions for
      1. competition types / subjects / themes
      2. sharing of ideas / prompts / concepts / innovation
      3. content and subject matter
      4. invitations to outside contributors
    8. Advice from experience on
      1. publishing
      2. self-publishing
      3. subsidized publishing
      4. promotions
      5. entering contests and competitions
    9. Invitations to and announcements of outside topics of interest
      1. private and public competitions
      2. contests
      3. calls for submissions
      4. free-lance opportunities

3  MOST IMPORTANTLY — This is Gallery of Showcases:
A place where the public and publishing professionals
can come and see the “Best of the Best

  1. Selective Showcases
  2. Invited commissioned pieces
  3. Contest winners
  4. Editorial selections
  5. Celebratory expositions of “members” who have been published

I am sure I am forgetting some things, but the idea is simple (and terribly complex), The Writer’s Gallery is going to be a One-Stop-Shop for writers in every genre and in every area of writing from fiction to periodical to technical. We are the editors, but belongs to you, the writer’s of the world.

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6 thoughts on “Home/About The Writer’s Gallery

  1. Hi adrianna joleigh, where are you, why you disappeared from google+, what is happened, i miss u so much, miss ur posts, paints,come back plz 🙂

    • Yolanda, the poems are under the Writing Challenges (the Valentine’s Day Challenge) — the first thing you will see is the roster of entries where you vote, but at the end of each entry is a link “Vote Here” and it will take you back to the polling place

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