Your Thoughts About a Writing Contest w/ Prizes!!!


A. Joleigh                             Co-creator of The Writer’s                Gallery

Hello everyone! This is Adrianna Joleigh. Boy it’s been a while since we’ve had anything going on in the Writer’s Gallery. We sure have missed you all. Those of you who know David and I, know that we have been SUPER DUPER busy with work. I’ve also started my own artistry business and have been quite busy with that as well. Me a painter, WHO KNEW! David and I have been tossing around an idea to do another writing contest, this time the due date would be in December (for some of you, that’s around Christmas time). There will be prizes and we will be charging a small fee for entries so that it helps with the prizes in the end. I’m not sure of the fee quite yet but nothing absurd. Before we can even think of doing this, we wanted to ask you all what you thought about it, and if we have more than 10 people that would like to join in the contest, then we will do the contest. The only way we will know if you would like to do this is if you write a comment below letting us know that you’re in. If you do not write the comment below, then we won’t know. 🙂 Do not reply on G+, do not reply on Facebook. 🙂 It’s not guaranteed that we will see the reply. 🙂 Feel free to share with your writing groups!! There’s also talk between David and I about publishing in 2017 a book of the writings you turn in to the Gallery (with your permission of course). This won’t begin until 2016, because David and I have a lot going on this year, but hopefully the collection will begin next year. I’m crossing eyes and fingers! Anyways, let us know what you think! 🙂 Please, please, please remember to reply below. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts About a Writing Contest w/ Prizes!!!

  1. I welcome your newest efforts. I agree with Lynda. Fees within reason should generate entries. The anthology is a great idea. The selected authors will feel a great deal of validation by being included. (I have direct experience with that.) Plenty of authors need the exposure.

  2. Writing contests with a reasonable fee are always welcome. Publishing an anthology is better still. I would want it published early 2016, the first half of the year. So if your idea meets my criteria, I’m in.

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