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Steve Malone

Steven D. Malone received a BA in History from the University of Houston. He has been a teacher of life skills and work skills to special needs students, adjudicated youth, and the visually impaired as well as teaching College English. He is a published author and a writing coach.

He is a voracious reader of anything from historical fiction to cosmology to the backs of cereal boxes. His interests include ancient and Dark Age history, the American Civil War and the American West, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, and classic movies. He is a certified teacher of Tai Chi Chuan. He lived life as a drifter, a beach bum, a library page, a bookstore clerk, a psychiatric technician, a teacher, and a construction worker. Presently, he is a writer, a blogger, and a proud father of a son and two cats.

His historical fiction novel SIDESHOW AT HONEY CREEK is available on

You may find him at

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Dyane Forde

Dyane Forde’s love of writing began with an early interest in reading, and of words in general. She was always amazed at how linking words together in different ways had unexpected and pleasing results on others. People enjoyed what she created! This sparked a life-long desire to write in different styles; short stories; novels; flash fiction and poetry. She enjoys trying genres and forms of writing which are different from what she’s used to; every story or book represents new joys and challenges. Dyane views writing as an amazing and intimate communication tool, and becomes a means through which she seeks to connect with others on a level deeper than intellect.

Dyane is a social worker by profession. Learning to see the world through other people’s eyes, as well as sharing in their pain, has influenced and enriched her as a person, as well as her writing. She is also a wife, and mother to two children, a cat named JackJack and a dog named Sparky.

Book one of her fantasy trilogy, The Purple Morrow, can be found on Amazon.

She can also be reached on her blog Dropped Pebbles, Twitter @PurpleMorrowFacebook, Goodreads and Google+, where information about her books, other writing projects, and samples can be found.

To find out more about The Purple Morrow and upcoming books, please click here.

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Subtext: Writing a Story Within a Story


Mad Mac


Nariman Parker

Nariman Parker is an aspiring blogger and amateur photographer from Cape Town, South Africa.  As a keen observer of people and circumstance, she presents everyday images from her unique perspective and with her written pieces, she spins the complexities of human relationships into engrossing tales that leave her online viewers engaged and moved (to smiles, to tears, to terror….)

Her blog FLASHES was first published in August 2012. It is an offering from this truly modern woman struggling to make sense of everyday life and love with levity and a dash of nostalgia.

Married for 22 years, she is an eternal romantic, but with a racy twist.

After qualifying from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Linguistics and Afrikaans & Nederlands, she spent 12 years in education, teaching on two continents. She is currently working in Marketing.

She has a love for all things SA, especially for her Mother City, Cape Town.

Find out more about Nariman at the listed sites below:  FlashesPICASAPhotoboxFacebookTwitterPinterest 


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Visual Writing Prompts

RayneHall - Fantasy Horror Author - Portrait by Fawnheart

Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall has published more than forty books under different pen names with different publishers in different genres, mostly fantasy, horror and non-fiction. Recent books include Storm Dancer (dark epic fantasy novel), 13 British Horror Stories, Six Scary Tales Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(creepy horror stories), Thirty Scary Tales, Six Historical Tales Vol. 1 and 2 (short stories), Six Quirky Tales (humorous fantasy stories),  The Colour of Dishonour: Stories from the Storm Dancer World, Writing Fight Scenes, The World-Loss Diet, Writing About Villains, Writing About Magic and Writing Scary Scenes (practical guides for authors).

She holds a college degree in publishing management and a masters degree in creative writing. Currently, she edits the Ten Tales series of multi-author short story anthologies: Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires, Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts, Scared: Ten Tales of Horror, Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates, Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft, Spells: Ten Tales of Magic, Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies, Seers: Ten Tales of Clairvoyance and more.

Rayne has lived in Germany, China, Mongolia and Nepal and  has now settled in a small dilapidated town of former Victorian grandeur on the south coast of England.

Visit her website: Rayne Hall’s Dark Fantasy

Follow her on TwitterGoodreads, Independent Author Network, Pinterest

Publications by Rayne Hall

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10 Tricks for Writing Great Fighting Scenes

Writing Craft: Creating Cliffhangers

The Proper Use of Alliteration

Writing Battle Scenes

Backloading Technique

Alone Into Danger 

Finding the Best Word for the Job

Body Language in Dialogue Scenes

Captivity Scenes

Chases and Escapes

Cruel Claws

Creating Cliffhangers

How To Give Your Novel A Great Climax

Tone Your Writing Style 

Could You Do Without “Could”

Cut “Begin” and “Start”

Cut The “Said” and “She Said”


Danger In the Dark





Rob1.bmp 360 1K

R. Harlan Smith

R. Harlan Smith is an Indiana-born, self-taught writer who graduated from Lew Wallace high school in Gary, Indiana. His education includes an A.A. in English Literature, and a B.A. in the Behavioral Sciences. His first professional writing began as a copy writer/graphic artist for two small manufacturing companies, one in South Pasadena and the other in San Gabriel, California. He spent his entire life traveling around the U.S., taking odd jobs and teaching himself to paint. His writing didn’t begin until he retired in 2002. (“I finished my first novel in 2004, groomed it to exactly the way I wanted it, and destroyed it. Then I began to write.”)

His first three published books are on Amazon ebooks; Two, “Alex in Wonderland” and “Robert’s Choice” are in the paranormal genre. The third, “Robin of Tudor Gables” is mainstream fiction. He is currently working on another mainstream fiction novel titled “Grady Grady”, scheduled for release some time in early 2014. He lives alone (“I was married once, a long time ago, but I feel much better now, thank you.”) with two cats in Tucson, Arizona, more or less permanently.
You can see more work by R. Harlan Smith on his blog The Life Givers.
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Jennifer Roche

Jennifer L Roche owns writing company, Rainbows of Happiness LLC.  She has written for over twenty years. Jennifer’s interest in writing stems back to childhood.  She created stories; stapling pages to make books, and drawing illustrations for her stories.  Now a full-time writer, Jennifer creates poetry, children’s literature, self-help books, and fiction and nonfiction stories. Jennifer has published poetry on, submitted writing for The East Coast Literary Review, and Solstice Initiative, is a regular contributor for Smile magazine; providing cover stories, and informational articles, has been interviewed by Idea Creations Press as an aspiring author, with an upcoming interview in February 2014 for The Book Shelf.  Jennifer writes articles for websites, blogs, and ezines on fashion, footwear, jewelry, handbags, photography, home décor, education, beauty products, holiday articles, and yoga. Jennifer self-hosts four blogs. Three blogs highlight personal poetry, inspirational businesses donating to charities, and interviews with authors and musicians.  Jennifer’s fourth blog, dedicated solely to photography, offers tips and advice to photographers, highlights her photography, and serves as a forum to display photography sent in by followers. Jennifer is a member of The National Association of Professional Women, Aspiring Writer’s Association, Books and Writers, Elance Professional Network, Fiction Writer’s Guild, Poetry & Literature Association, Poetry Editors & Poets, Writers 750, Women Writing for a Change, Writer’s Gallery, and Writer’s Café.  Jennifer profile is on Google+ Small Business Owners, Yahoo Small Business Owners, LinkedIn, Writer’s Beat, Twitter, and MUTT Online. Jennifer maintains the company Facebook page for Rainbows of Happiness LLC.

Jennifer supports The Alzheimer’s Association, The Humane Society, Movember (Men’s Health Awareness), and Susan G. Komen Foundation,

Jennifer’s hobbies are writing poetry, dancing, singing, traveling, photography, drawing, listening to music, cruising,  theater, art, spending time with friends, family, her  supportive husband, and doting on her cat of 12 years!

 Follow Jennifer on Facebook, and on her sites Pensive Writer 2013, Getting the Final Word, The Final Pen Stroke, and Moments Captured Through the Lens

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“Always In My Heart”  

 Matt Ewens

Matt Ewens

Matt Ewens is an English writer born in Solihull in the West Midlands.  His interest in writing started in secondary school, upon being set homework to write a short story along the theme of a ‘tale of the unexpected’.  He was the only child in the class who filled half of the entire exercise book with one story and this became a regular occurrence for any form of fictional homework.  One teacher set the entire class homework based on one of his stories.
Many years later after a little life experience Matt decided to join a local library writers group in Plymouth, where he met like-minded writers; this sparked a renewed enthusiasm for writing.
He has written a children’s fantasy book called Devonshire with a Hint of Albanian, which he self published on Amazon.
He has additionally been published fourteen times through the Darkertimes Horror Competition.  And he is currently busy working on a comedy play, which he hopes can be performed by local theatre in the future.

 Follow Matt on his Self Named Blog

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—  Playwriting Primer


Dave Goodlove

Dave Goodlove

Dave Goodlove made his first attempt at writing a novella in high school when he skipped study hall to spend time in front of a word processor under the supervision of an English teacher.  The teacher encouraged him to focus on the romantic aspect of his story, and although the novella about a teenage ninja-in-training who gets distracted by falling in love with a girl from a nearby village in Japan never made the New York Times Bestseller list, it did win praise from his creative writing teacher.  Since then, he has always written for the sheer enjoyment of it, even after becoming the features editor of his college newspaper and an English teacher.  Somewhere along the way, he began to understand the power of the romantic story to touch the heart, and in his stories, he seeks to do just that, combining his love for travel, foreign languages, and cross-cultural relationships.  He has recently been writing a contemporary romance novel in blog format called Unbound Romance, in which he continues to post a new chapter weekly.  Dave took the pen name Goodlove to remind himself of the enduring quality of love, the message behind his romantic stories.  Although originally from the east coast and having lived on the west coast of the U.S., he now lives with his family in the tropical-island country of Taiwan that provides plenty of writing inspiration.


Unbound Romance:  A novel in blog format with a new chapter posted weekly

The Romantic Writer: A blog with posts about travel in Taiwan and excerpts from his novel

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery: 

Romancing the Reader: Five Goals for Writing a Romance



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