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Dear loyal followers, authors, crazy people, “sane” people, Oompa Loompas, Lollipop Guild…..

I am happy to announce that we have a Google+ profile page that Adrianna is running!!! The page will be there to update everyone interested about our upcoming competitions, and introducing submitted writings by you all. Also, it will be there to share your work from your profiles.

If you wish to have your stories (short or long), poems, or prose posted on our site, please submit to davidandadrianna@yahoo.com.

All of you that were friends with A. Joleigh before, please circle her again. Would you please share this with your circles, too?

LINK: http://goo.gl/ZpBlXe


View from the Open Sea by Dyane Forde (April’s prompt)

View from the Open Sea (433 words)

Our dreams are but crystal drops falling from eyes tearing with joy or sorrow; their pings can be heard for miles around; their echoes bounce back to bless or to haunt. One droplet, the best droplet, shone as a white flare for a moment in time; smiles frozen on celluloid; romantic poses pasted into a sticky album and boxed away for latter days…It was just a tiny, liquid drop of youthful expectation collected in a bucket yet it promised the biggest prize. Of all those constrained in my little sea, on that cornerstone I fashioned my house knowing that, one day, I could look back and see it still shining like a beacon Continue reading

Writing prompts April 19, 2014

This first one is a “think outside the box” type of post.  Leave aside your phobic fears or killing instincts, and look for the story within, i.e. a malevolent and purposeful placement, an omen, a supernatural event, or explore from the non-human POV.

1.  You awaken to find a snake in your house (you decide where).

2.  Explore the psyche, guilt and/or motives of a cheating spouse.

3.  Depressed, lonely and standing at a wave swept shore of an ocean, your MC is overwhelmed with the memory his/her experience of “First Love” and the circumstances leading to or ending that relationship.

Remember to submit your work to be showcased here on the Gallery.  It does not have to be motivated by these or any previous prompts.  Adrianna and I are only looking to spur your imagination and cultivate your talents.

A writer is, after all, a lurid voyeur

     There is a sleepy hamlet several miles across the valley from my mountain lair.  This morning as I sipped my coffee in the first few minutes of daylight, I thought what wondrous stories must lie in those simple cottages and tiny abodes.  A tourist to these mountains might stand in awe at the innocent beauty of that distant community with its churches, backyards, and quaint porches, but I am a writer, and I see those opaque real life images as fodder for my next story.

     Much of life is admittedly mundane with scarce moments of real drama, humor, terror, evil and pain, yet it is these ignoble human instincts that drive fiction.  Somewhere in that congregation of modest dwellings there is a child crying, hungry for breakfast not yet served by an inattentive parent, a spouse deep in the degradation and self-loathing of infidelity, a couple enrapt in the passion of their new marriage ignorant of what lies ahead in the near future, another couple in utter desperation for the lack of financial stability, one woman hagridden with illogical hatred, and a hapless man bedeviled with impossible lust.  But what makes me smile with anticipation is that within each of these malefic scenarios there are also those succulent yet purely human subtleties of maleficence, self-deceit, murderous urges, ironic twists, plots of sweet revenge, spiritual absolution, and apocalyptic revelation.  What moral should I weave into the decrepit life of my next prosaic protagonist?  For what good is a story that doesn’t teach something useful?  What would you learn?

    Across the valley, amid the worker ants scurrying off to their appointed labors, amid the queen ants tending to their nest, amid the nits learning their place within the colony, there lies a thousand stories waiting to be told.  A writer is, after all, a lurid voyeur, obsessed with studying you, your conversations, motives, emotions, interactions and idiosyncrasies.  I am watching you.

     You, my reader, my friend, my colleague, I count each of you as yet another distant villager, and you, or at least a part of you, are destined to be my next character.  Beware and cherish what you have, because I can assure you that the life you live is far less exciting and perilous than the life I have planned for you.

     Yes, there is a picturesque village across the valley from my home pitched high on this mountain, and I am watching…


Does your story have a scene of danger or horror? Is it scary enough? Do you want your readers to fear for your main character’s safety? Here’s a simple technique on how to make a scene seriously frightening:

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For historical fiction, a dagger is the ideal weapon: plausible in many scenarios, and  loaded with emotional connotations. Yet, its under-used, because few writers grasp the Continue reading

Writing Craft CUT THE ‘SAID’, SHE SAID by Rayne Hall

Dialogue tags (he said, she asked, he replied) can help the reader understand who’s talking. But when it’s clear who’s talking, you can cut the tag.  This makes your writing tighter and the pacing faster.


If the speaker is doing something, the action is enough to attribute the dialogue. Simply put Continue reading