Your Thoughts About a Writing Contest w/ Prizes!!!


A. Joleigh                             Co-creator of The Writer’s                Gallery

Hello everyone! This is Adrianna Joleigh. Boy it’s been a while since we’ve had anything going on in the Writer’s Gallery. We sure have missed you all. Those of you who know David and I, know that we have been SUPER DUPER busy with work. I’ve also started my own artistry business and have been quite busy with that as well. Me a painter, WHO KNEW! David and I have been tossing around an idea to do another writing contest, this time the due date would be in December (for some of you, that’s around Christmas time). There will be prizes and we will be charging a small fee for entries so that it helps with the prizes in the end. I’m not sure of the fee quite yet but nothing absurd. Before we can even think of doing this, we wanted to ask you all what you thought about it, and if we have more than 10 people that would like to join in the contest, then we will do the contest. The only way we will know if you would like to do this is if you write a comment below letting us know that you’re in. If you do not write the comment below, then we won’t know. 🙂 Do not reply on G+, do not reply on Facebook. 🙂 It’s not guaranteed that we will see the reply. 🙂 Feel free to share with your writing groups!! There’s also talk between David and I about publishing in 2017 a book of the writings you turn in to the Gallery (with your permission of course). This won’t begin until 2016, because David and I have a lot going on this year, but hopefully the collection will begin next year. I’m crossing eyes and fingers! Anyways, let us know what you think! 🙂 Please, please, please remember to reply below. Thank you!

Joseph Imperi–Winner of Valentine’s Writer’s Challenge

Congratulations Joseph Imperi !!!!!! You are the winner of the Valentine’s Writer’s Challenge. joseph imperi

You have won your choice of prizes in which we will discuss in private, along with a painting by A. Joleigh.


To find out more about Joseph Imperi, please visit Meet the Winners!!

To learn more about our upcoming Mardi Gras Writer’s Challenge, click here.

Voting Time!!! Valentine’s Poetry Writer’s Challenge

Time to vote on your favorite poetry!!!

Voting: January 20th – January 25th (you may vote up to two times)

Winner’s announced: January 26, 2014 

Prizes: ***a romantic theme painted by A. Joleigh (reserved for winner by the public vote), a book of poetry (specifics will be announced soon), chocolates and a card sent to a secret love or someone you admire from afar.

***painting will be done on canvas and shipped in a mailing tube to the winner. Winner is responsible for framing once they receive it. 

A Cup of Wine by M. A Barr

Through-out time I’ve seen men like you destroyed by this same madness, cross-eyed, weeping, howling to the moon and stars,

scribbling promises they cannot keep, stars they cannot touch, diamonds they cannot buy, and an eternity that they cannot live or even measure,

star-crossed boys who believe they know everything but spout drivel from milk-stained Continue reading

In Maiden’s Eyes (inspired by A. Joleigh’s photo) by A. Long

In maiden’s eyes, great surprise,
inspiring all, like day’s sunrise!

In maiden’s eyes, I see the world,
All it’s glories, are unfurled.
In maiden’s eyes, I see the light,
All it’s beauty, beaming bright.
In maiden’s eyes, I see the joy,
All it’s laughter, all souls enjoy. Continue reading

Shadow Dancer by Doug Metz

once walking through the woods
my mind dull and dreary
i paused to rest beside an oak
and lay my spirit weary
the orb of light hanging low
having all but given up Continue reading

V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E by Francis James Franklin

Voluptuous perfection, passion divine
Always I’ve ached for you to be mine
Love me, I beg you, I’m yours to command
Every wish, each little demand Continue reading

Again by Robert Price

By Robert C Price

Here we go
Starting over
Living in the infinity of time Continue reading

A Beautiful Procession by Sam Collett

A divine beauty, sent from above

Her eyes shining like stars
I could not help but lose myself in them
Silky hair cascading down her shoulders
Flowing like a magnificent waterfall

She smiled, sweet velvety lips Continue reading

The Kiss by Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin

His eyes meet mine, Through lowered lashes I glance back. I feel my heart skipping a beat, A sharp intake of breath. Warm body pressed against my own, My body moulding into his. Hand travels slowly down my back, He pulls me closer, We are locked. A soft Continue reading

Teenage Love by Tanya Miranda

I put salt in my Dad’s coffee
And dash sugar on my fries,
“What’s the matter with you? Are you in love or something?”
I am, to my surprise.

Dad asks me why I’m staring
At the budding roses on the window sill. Continue reading

Memories of Love by Matt Ewens

Delicately touching her image locked in time,
A whispered voice, ‘darling you were once mine’,
Swallowing tears and reliving distant fears,
His head bows to remember those years.

Her sparkling eyes, once so full of love,
Beautifully enigmatic, like angels above,
Her sunshine smile and wispy golden hair, Continue reading

If You Are The Fire, I Am The Flame by Charlee Felice

Did you know that we carry
Our love in our hearts?
Destiny made our path
To never be apart

It was on that day
When I walked along your side
A magical moment
You stood tall with a smile Continue reading

Really?! Seriously?! by Joseph Imperi

Really?!?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!?!

You were always my best friend first
There is really no excuse
Your love is what I thirst
Oh really what’s the use

You were given all I could give
I asked for only love in return
What I offered was a chance to live
Instead I am alone and need to learn

Now I know It’s over
I can read between the lines
So much for the four leaf clover
You have given me all the signs

A wish is a wish
And I guess it just never took
My foolish heart, like a foolish fish Continue reading

Untitled Poem by Margie Morales

Moonlight stars in the sky it’s a perfect night, feels just right
My lover is near everything seems so clear as we touch
Music is playing the sensual notes of lovers in the night
As he engages closer, gently his caress so soft and warm Continue reading

Love Revealed by Jeffery Brand

I come to you naked,
My dreams and fears
Resting on the surface of
My existence…
I’m awash in an ocean of insecurities…
Capsized in life’s waters,
I reach for you;
Struggling against the undertow,
Swimming feverishly towards your
Safe harbor…
I’m unjust in bestowing a moniker
Of savior upon you,
As you’re human and far from
But your love
Is an unfamiliar salvation Continue reading

Inter canem et lupum by Marco Casteleijn

There a dance, it is starting. Movements, infucatus,
sparks drawn across the darkening sky. Dancing
the night away in perpetual fluttering. Papilio
trying to catch the last rays of the sun. Aeternus eternus
are its movements. Seeing without seeing. Only being.

This faint light in our veins, there only for us to know. Continue reading

A Shrubbery by Sheikha A.

The night growing into day is the way of the universe;
I wait, in this longing, for the permanence of the moon.

These ghost nights have possessed the ambience again
causing my being to rattle clueless in addiction, my eyes
carry dark bags of memories that do not escape by tears
or words to release me from the clogs of bellowing aches
reverberating in my shrunken veins withered of waiting
and wanting the glass to now appear as full empty. Continue reading

Stolen Moments By M.A. Kastle

We steal away by moonlight.
Its shadows dancing between us, caught in the silver light we disappear.
Our eyes lock, forever this moment will stay.
A song plays softly while glasses clink with cheer.
Wine pours, laughter carries on the wind, masking our fear. Continue reading

Couch by Saranya Wallooppillai

The couch smells.

And the pillows are

kind of lumpy.

And my nose itches because

we haven’t bothered to evict

the colony of dust bunnies underneath. Continue reading

Time by Richard Heby

Love lost long ago
lives in far stars exploding
in a million years

Richard Heby

Richard Heby


My Pet Monkey by Suri Ben Noah


I came across a monkey so dear

So cute it was, I loved it truly

My love I expressed without fear

Though the monkey at times turned unruly Continue reading

In Love by Jennifer Mallu

In Love

Lust is such a shallow word
For it cannot define such depth
The feeling deep within my soul
That comforts all emotions bereft

Only your words can open this heart Continue reading

Only One Day by Janet Noble

Only One Day


It’s a soppy sappy day.

It’s a cheeky chappy day.

It’s a sissy kissy day.

It’s a busy dizzy day. Continue reading

Inside I did by Matthew Eaton

I shook your hand when I should have hugged you
Did you notice, was it awkward?
I didn’t intend it, but inside I did.

I said goodbye instead of I love you
Did you care, was it noticed?
I didn’t understand it, but inside I did. Continue reading

Love Starved by Richard “Tony” Held

“True love”
Is an exalted word
If you have lived your life
Never once having tasted it
And go
On Continue reading

I Saw You Coming by Dan Ankers

I saw you coming a long, long way
away from me
So far I couldn’t tell the color of your hair
or how tall you’d be
You were just a simple glimmer of hope
inside the lens of my childhood telescope
(I knew you’d come,
you were always there with me) Continue reading

Beautiful to Me by Dimitri Dow

When I was feeling down, the day was dark and dreary
That’s when I met you, my spirits lifted by your beauty.

It surrounds you with a gentle glow, as if crowned by a halo.
You say that you are fat and ugly but I swear it truly isn’t so. Continue reading

Depth Over Distance by Amy Glamos

I will be rocks, under gushing river wild;
I will lie beneath your frantic flow.

I will bear the weight of current’s grace,
entombed in churning frigid waters.

I will watch as koi display their namesake,
flitting in effortless patterns of calico persuasion.

I will not draw a single breath but, instead,
bid the twisting chilly stream to fill the hollow.

I will content myself with where I’ve been,
if only to drown in your weightless gravity. Continue reading

Cloud Shadows by David Gale Wright

As the rose opens
only to the sun –
so am I to you.

I follow your arc
Across azure sky –
facing radiance. Continue reading