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An idea for a supernatural fantasy/horror:

Memories never die

What if memories, especially bad ones, could reanimate and come back as current experiences?

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In this section, we are going to be exploring prompts and their interpretations.  This category will be bifurcated; one part with interpreted prompts and their stories intended to open your mind to a new way of thinking, and the other a listing of suggested prompts to be shared and explored.

If you have a prompt you’ve been sitting on, waiting for inspiration, or one that was the genesis of your work, or if one pops up in your observation, please email me at the address on the Home “About Us” page with the reference line “PROMPT.”
If you have a really good story that was prompted by something ordinary in life, and you took a different verve, submit it by email with the reference line “PROMPT STORY.”

As the stories and prompts appear, please use the comment section to engage your fellow writers in conversation, idea sharing and the growing process.  Remember this entire site is for you!

David Kent

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