A Void to Avoid by D.W Metz (short story)

As I walked up the steps to my apartment I found a bright orange eviction notice stapled into the cracked paint of the brown door.  It came as little surprise as I’d been avoiding the landlord for two months. I only left in the middle of the night for minimal groceries and to find the remnants of half smoked cigarettes outside the bus station entrance.  Anything as not to be caught in her gaze and questioned yet again why the rent remained unpaid. With as little noise as possible I opened the lock to the apartment, leaving the orange notice stapled to the door, and closed it behind me. Continue reading

Need an Editor? Limited time offer ends 8/31/14

Limited time only: Book edit price — $0.015/ per word for books over 10,000 words. Offer ends 8/31/14.

All contracts must be signed before the end of August, but books can be sent to me anytime after. Any contracts signed after 8/31 will go back to regular price of $0.25/word, unless otherwise agreed upon by the editor.

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A few thoughts on writing and immortality

Drop a pebble into still water and the energy of displacement radiates out in concentric waves of increasing circumference and proportionately decreasing intensity.  That sounds so scientific, doesn’t it?  That image occurred to me while lying in bed with my dog pressed against my chest.  We live alone now, just “Bubba” and me, and although we have friends, relatives, business and social acquaintances, I began to wonder who might miss us when the inevitable time comes.  The ripples my life has generated in the continuum of space and time, as explicated by the waves in the gentle pool, are spreading wider and wider, and are decreasing in their crest and trough.  At some point their significance will likely diminish to the point of imperceptibility.  Will anyone remember? Continue reading