A Void to Avoid by D.W Metz (short story)

As I walked up the steps to my apartment I found a bright orange eviction notice stapled into the cracked paint of the brown door.  It came as little surprise as I’d been avoiding the landlord for two months. I only left in the middle of the night for minimal groceries and to find the remnants of half smoked cigarettes outside the bus station entrance.  Anything as not to be caught in her gaze and questioned yet again why the rent remained unpaid. With as little noise as possible I opened the lock to the apartment, leaving the orange notice stapled to the door, and closed it behind me. Continue reading

Harmony and Discord by Amy Glamos

It was the wind that woke her, howling through the screens and lashing against the old house mercilessly.  The lone tree that graced their backyard scraped across the roof with its gnarled, naked limbs, refusing to relent.  Mariah turned to the glowing numbers on the alarm clock.  4:23.  Her eyes went to her husband, soundlessly sprawled on the pillow next to her.  The stark black ink of a tattoo peeking out from beneath the sheets called forth bygone nights that felt scattered by a wind just as strong as the one raging outside.  Her Continue reading

The Use of Alliteration by Rayne Hall


Several words close together starting with the same sound, can either empower your writing or spoil it, so use this technique with thought.

Here are some examples of skilfully applied alliterations from famous books:


–the foam-flakes flew over her bulwarks…. (Moby-Dick by Herman Melville)RayneHall - Fantasy Horror Author - Portrait by Fawnheart

–the baked red ruts of the road…. (The Beaver Road by Dave Duncan)

–A sliver of soft sunlight pierced a crack in the silk drapes (Panic by Jeff Abbot) Continue reading

Reminder: Accepting Applications for Showcase


We are still forming the panel to be featured in our first Select Showcase: We are looking for five skilled writers to address the same theme in different ways.

The five chosen pieces will be featured in a Showcase that will be open for public display, as well as inviting professionals from the publishing world to come and view.

If you are ready to write “Published” quality work in 2,000 to 4,000 words, using the theme of FIRST LOVE, Continue reading

Drew Satterwhite–Untitled

“You sure you want to do this?” Kevin asks.

Eric, head lowered, raises his eyes. “I’ve never been as sure.”

The car idles quietly, heat barely able to keep the brothers warm against an unexpectedly harsh winter.

“Are you going to be able to handle him? He’s a big guy.”

“Does it matter?” Eric asks rhetorically. “I don’t care if he’s armed. This is what I need to… I have to do.” Continue reading

B. Paradis–Untitled

Each step was more agonizing than the last, each breath revealed another inner demon.  The Blue Forest was so majestic during the day, but under the shadow of night, its true nature was revealed. This was the only portal that all the sorrows of the world were released, in so much that even the flowers themselves grew blue from the tears of the Earth.

Another howl… Continue reading

Dennis Edwards–Bessie Mae’s Dream

Bess was relatively content in life.  She had come to accept certain things would never be as she would like them, but on the whole she had few real complaints.  She accepted the fact that life was short, and time accelerated without mercy after she turned thirty.  She accepted that she would never win a Pulitzer Prize, and that Chocolate was a fattening and most worthy temptation.  She could not accept not being in love.
She found herself on the cusp of middle age, ten years removed from college, and life had not yet turned out as she had hoped.  She thought surely by now she would be a professional writer, Continue reading

Youssef Sleiman–Untitled

The pain surprised her. She had thought it would hurt less this time. 

Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. The borrowed red dress, doing its job perfectly to the aghast high school talent show audience, didn’t hide anything from her partner onstage, Denis Friebt. He held the gun – and a face awash with defeat, horror and guilt.

“You can’t make me shoot you onstage. They’re going to know about it,” Denis said, wearing a face full of defiance, horror and fear. “I’ll get expelled.” Continue reading

M. A Barr–Maskara

I remember visiting the Witch’s bamboo hut.  People came sick and with questions, bearing gifts of meat, vegetable, and fruit as payment for her medicine and fortune-telling.  I went there every day, the smoky smell of incense an inviting scent, watched as she made herbal medicines, and as she put on a brightly painted mask each time.  I remember asking her for one, she told me they weren’t for little boys to play with.  I asked and I asked until finally I asked… Continue reading

T L Scott–Untitled

”The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time. Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash.”

She couldn’t let them see her like this.  They would take her away again.  Take her away to the bad place.   They said they would cure her.  If they saw her like this then they would know.  She couldn’t let them find out.  They couldn’t help her then and they can’t help her now.  She looked at the fresh cut she had inflicted upon her scarred body.  It wasn’t even bleeding that bad anymore.  She hadn’t succeeded in what she wanted to do.  At least the pain made it go away for a while.  The pain drove it back, but never too far away.  She knew that IT would be back again to torment her. Continue reading