Reminder: Accepting Applications for Showcase


We are still forming the panel to be featured in our first Select Showcase: We are looking for five skilled writers to address the same theme in different ways.

The five chosen pieces will be featured in a Showcase that will be open for public display, as well as inviting professionals from the publishing world to come and view.

If you are ready to write “Published” quality work in 2,000 to 4,000 words, using the theme of FIRST LOVE, Continue reading

Congratulations Everyone


Hello everyone and congratulations,

To be sure you understand that this is from both Adrianna and I, we will both post it.  That’s okay, you can go read her version of the post, I won’t mind, she is a hell-of-a-lot cuter than me.

I have seen a couple of posts around G+ that implied disappointment over the results of some entries; I have seen posts with communal praise tinged with wounded dignity.  I don’t want anyone to feel anything less than a bristling pride.  In this type of contest, there has to be a winner, but then everyone else is still a runner-up and deserving of everyone’s congratulatory praise.  I am sincerely proud and inspired by each and every one of you, and honored to be among your number.

Now, here is some really great news that you can be proud of, too.  Since we needed a place to display your works and a central place for voting, this Challenge spurred Adrianna and me to build the Writer’s Gallery.  Without your submissions and without your asking, prodding, urging, begging, and maybe bribing your friends, family, followers, and the riff raff you dragged in off the street to read your work and vote for you, the Gallery could not have been born.

The Writer’s Gallery is not only our site.

This site is for you and every other writer everywhere.  (Okay, it is not our site, but she and I are going to moderate and edit.  Plus if anyone goes near Adrianna’s “baby,” I cannot ensure your safety or even your survival.)  With that caveat, we want everyone’s continued participation.  If you have a learning tool, some well-written advice or teaching instruction, email it.  If you have a suggestion for content, email it.  If you have a prompt you would like to share, email it.  If you have written something good and the process by which it was written is instructive, inspiring, or innovative, put that in writing and email it.  If you have an idea for a competition, a showing, or a feature, email it.  If everyone contributes, and everyone promotes, and everyone participates, this Writer’s Gallery will become THE one place to go for everything writer’s need.  The PITA and I have a pretty good foundation of knowledge and experience, but that pales in comparison to the collective minds of this vast and varied community of writers.  We need all of you, and we want all of you, your friends, your teachers, mentors, coaches and their friends, too, to come be a part of something truly magnificent.  We intend on expanding this beyond the boundaries of our meager talent and experience, and bring in contributors for business writing, technical, medical, scientific, newspaper and magazine, travel writers, bloggers, children’s literature, and community activism.  One site that will benefit (and in some cases even replace) every group, club, community, and gathering of writers everywhere.


We have a lot of exciting irons in the fire, with a big announcement coming tomorrow (if the PITA stops pinging me on the messenger long enough for me to get the job done).  There will be numerous opportunities to show your work, compete with other writers, promote yourself as an author, and hone your skills as a craftsman.

The word is being spread through the halls of the publishing world of what we are doing.  Real (paper) publishers, journal editors, magazine staff, and literary agents will be among the visitors and readers at the site.  As content grows, and the Gallery of featured writings expands, the opportunity to springboard into bigger more exciting opportunities will exist for all of us.  This is going to be big, thanks for coming along for the ride.