Inside I did by Matthew Eaton

I shook your hand when I should have hugged you
Did you notice, was it awkward?
I didn’t intend it, but inside I did.

I said goodbye instead of I love you
Did you care, was it noticed?
I didn’t understand it, but inside I did. Continue reading


Does your novel-in-progress contain a scene where the heroine escapes from danger, with the villain chasing after her? Excellent. Readers love the these scenes.

Here are some techniques to make your escape scene exciting.

1. Point of View

Stay in deep Point of View. If possible, write the scene from the fleeing person’s point of view. This means showing only what this person sees, hears and feels. If the PoV Continue reading

A. Joleigh Saying Hi

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Amy Glamos–Untitled

The rain had turned to ice somewhere between his house and the path, slicing at his raw hands and pinging against the dark glass of the windows behind him.  He clutched his coat tighter, desperate to hold onto the residual heat of her.  The wound on his shoulder trickled down his back beneath the layers, a viscid reminder of exactly what he was chasing after.  Somewhere through the swaying trees, an eerie howl pierced the silence of the storm.  She is near, he thought.

His steps quickened on the icy path as he slid his freezing hands into his pockets.  His stiff fingers closed around the cold metal of a gun.  Continue reading

T L Scott–Untitled

”The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time. Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash.”

She couldn’t let them see her like this.  They would take her away again.  Take her away to the bad place.   They said they would cure her.  If they saw her like this then they would know.  She couldn’t let them find out.  They couldn’t help her then and they can’t help her now.  She looked at the fresh cut she had inflicted upon her scarred body.  It wasn’t even bleeding that bad anymore.  She hadn’t succeeded in what she wanted to do.  At least the pain made it go away for a while.  The pain drove it back, but never too far away.  She knew that IT would be back again to torment her. Continue reading