Writing Prompt by A. Joleigh with PRIZES!! CANCELLED


The writing prompt is as follows:

You live in a third-world country (you can name one that exists or you can make one up).

The story takes place in a prison. A prison where only the worlds most dangerous prisoners go. When a prisoner (innocent or not) is admitted to this prison, his/her family is also put into the prison along with him/her until the sentence is finished or the prisoner dies. Some examples to get the imagination going: Will families kill the prisoner so that they can be free again or will they wait it out with their loved ones until the sentence is over? Will families hire other families to do their dirty work? What hardships are in the prison? Be creative. Dig deep and pull out the ugly and blunt truth that is hiding in that imagination of yours. 

You choose POV, characters, etc. I only ask that you follow the plot set above:

4,000 – 8,000 words

Genre: Horror / Drama / Sci-fi (You get to choose which one)


The finalists will be determined by David Kent and me, and then the public will vote on which of those finalists win the prize. 




Writing Craft: Captivity Scenes by Rayne Hall

If you’re writing a novel, is there a scene where the heroine is imprisoned or locked up against her will?

Here are some techniques to make this scene powerful.

1. If possible, make the room dark or semi-dark. Perhaps she’s locked up in a lightless Continue reading

Always In My Heart

Always in My Heart

 Written By: Jennifer L. Roche

In Loving Memory of My

Daughter, My First Love


 jen book cover

Staring blindly outside, I peered through the rain drenched windows.  The torrential downpour was the perfect accompaniment for the events unfolding in my ER room.  My body was numb, devoid of any emotional sensations.   I felt dead inside.   In too much shock from the verdict delivered by the ER doctor, my eyes were too dry for tears.  My baby, joy of my life, was Continue reading

Writing Craft: Creating Cliffhangers


To keep the reader going, turning page after page even when she meant to do the dishes or go to sleep, place an exciting hook at the end of every scene.

Don’t end a scene with everything resolved, good and well. Instead, make the reader tense Continue reading

10 Tricks For Writing Great Fight Scenes by Rayne Hall


by Rayne Hall

RayneHall - Fantasy Horror Author - Portrait by Fawnheart

1. Choose an unusual location – the quirkiest place that’s plausible in your plot: a cow shed, a castle ruin, a catacomb. Involve the setting in the action: the fighters may slip on the muddy slope, leap across the fence, slam their opponent against the wall. Continue reading

When You Wish Upon a Star by M. A Barr

M. A Barr's photo

M A Barr

 “Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly…”

-Langston Hughes

I sit at my drawing table, staring at the empty glass in front of me and the nearly finished bottle of whiskey beside it.  The hushed busy noise of artists that once filled the studio has been replaced with a deafening damning silence.  Their tables’ line up hauntingly in front of me, their ink stains the only reminder of the artists that once bled on them.  I remember watching them pack their belongings into boxes earlier that day— pouring what’s left of the whiskey into my glass, and wondering if they feel as hollow as I do now.  Scattered drawings and Continue reading

Meet The Writers

M. A Barr's photo

M A Barr

M.A Barr

M. A. Barr is a full-time student finishing up an A.A. Pharmacy degree at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, Florida.  After taking a Creative Writing class, he discovered a love for the art of prose and storytelling; writing 100 word stories daily on his blog: Twisted Dreams in Pen & Ink.

When asked about what first drew him to storytelling, he answered, ”The love for writing grew with my friends that introduced me to sci-fi/fantasy genre books, and nights spent creating stories and characters with them.  It only grew from there.  I found even more friends that actually got me to start doing this project with them of writing 100 word stories daily.  Honestly, at the start, I really just wrote maybe once or twice a week.  That all changed after the Creative Writing class and when my Professor (Ms. Greer) sat me down and asked ‘Why the heck are you doing Pharmacy when you write so well?’”  This inspired him to start his blog, and put more focus on developing his “storytelling chops” by writing 100 word stories daily for a year.  “I’m still learning.  I started late.  I’m putting this project out there to get criticisms, to let others use it as a story prompt if they want, and to entertain people.”

Asides from being a full-time student/full-time writer, he works in the Pharmacy at Mease Countryside Hospital part-time.  He moved from the Philippines to America four years ago and takes care of his grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  “It’s one of the reasons I bring up memories a lot in my stories.  I dedicate and read a lot of them to her.”

Visit M.A Barr’s blog at Twisted Dreams in Pen & Ink.

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:

— When You Wish Upon a Star


Nariman Parker

Nariman Parker

Nariman Parker is an aspiring blogger and amateur photographer from Cape Town, South Africa.  As a keen observer of people and circumstance, she presents everyday images from her unique perspective and with her written pieces, she spins the complexities of human relationships into engrossing tales that leave her online viewers engaged and moved (to smiles, to tears, to terror….)

Her blog FLASHES was first published in August 2012. It is an offering from this truly modern woman struggling to make sense of everyday life and love with levity and a dash of nostalgia.

Married for 22 years, she is an eternal romantic, but with a racy twist.

After qualifying from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Linguistics and Afrikaans & Nederlands, she spent 12 years in education, teaching on two continents. She is currently working in Marketing.

She has a love for all things SA, especially for her Mother City, Cape Town.

Find out more about Nariman at the listed sites below:  FlashesPICASAPhotoboxFacebookTwitterPinterest 


Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:

Dear James

Writing prompt photo

Mbongeni Nyadza

Mbongeni Nyadza

Mbongeni Nyadza

Mbongeni Nyadza was born on the 13th of September 1991 in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He is currently getting his Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Botswana. Mbongeni is an aspiring writer, poet, and advocate, with an objective to change the dimensional views of the world through poetry and writing. Mbongeni began writing poetry in 2009 as a way of impressing a girl. He later fell in love with the written and spoken word, and became geared to learning  and perfecting his skill of writing.
Visit more of his writing at Vinely Pressed. 
Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:
New York
 Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin

Yolanda was born in Madrid Spain, and immigrated to Australia with her parents when she was four-years-old. She speaks and writes Spanish fluently and dabbles in Italian. She is a Licensed Conveyancer in Sydney, Australia.

Yolanda has many interests. One of them is the theatre, performing and attending.  She is a member of a community theatre at which she performs.  She also enjoys photography, and traveling.

Her greatest passion is writing, with life as her inspiration; with all its beauty and its ugliness. She has always enjoyed writing, but started her blog as a way of externalizing her thoughts and emotions. Whilst she enjoys writing prose, poetry is her first love, due to the freedom of expression it allows.
Favorite quote:

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

Read more of Yolanda’s work on her blog: Love Pain and Other Catastrophes

Follow Yolanda on tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:

— ”Unseeing Eyes” (poem)


Nicki Redes

Nicki Redes

Nicki Redes
Nicki is a full-time working mom in Northern California, USA.  When she isn’t at her day job in the office, building forts with her two young children, or washing the dishes for the fifth time in a day, her head is in the clouds.  Her nose is often in a book, but she dreams of bringing characters to life and putting stories on paper for others to enjoy.  Now, at the age of 30, Nicki is finally realizing that she can do what she loves most, which is express herself through the written word.  Currently she’s working on overcoming her biggest obstacle in reaching her dream of writing:  herself.
Follow Nicki Redes at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goodreads
Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:
Rusty Rimes

Rusty Rimes was born in the Southwest United States, in 1957

He received his highschool GED at the age of sixteen, and has continued with self education the rest of his life. Which has lead to a favorite saying: “If you don’t know something, go learn it.”

Rusty loves all things beautiful, despises all things cruel. Enjoys Classical music most of all, but has an eclectic appreciation for all forms.

His wish for humanity, is simply to love one another with open concern for each persons well being.

Follow Rusty Rimes on

Visit Rusty Rimes’ site:
Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:
Amy Glamos

Amy Glamos

About  Amy Glamos

Amy Glamos is a freelance writer and blogger.  She enjoys writing poetry and short fiction, while juggling motherhood and all the fun challenges that come with it.  Her poems have been published in Writer’s Digest magazine, and her short fiction has appeared in eFiction.  She is currently working on her first novel, as well as a chapbook of poetry.  She lives with her family in the foothills of Colorado, though her heart lies in the Midwest, where she was born.  Her blog, http://www.muffinsandmetaphors.blogspot.com, chronicles the daily life of a writer-mama who dabbles in the art of baking.

Follow Amy Glamos on Twitter and Google+

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:

Harmony and Discord (short story)

Dyane Forde

Dyane Forde

Dyane Forde

Dyane Forde’s love of writing began with an early interest in reading, and of words in general. She was always amazed at how linking words together in different ways had unexpected and pleasing results on others. People enjoyed what she created! This sparked a life-long desire to write in different styles; short stories; novels; flash fiction and poetry. She enjoys trying genres and forms of writing which are different from what she’s used to; every story or book represents new joys and challenges. Dyane views writing as an amazing and intimate communication tool, and becomes a means through which she seeks to connect with others on a level deeper than intellect.

Dyane is a social worker by profession. Learning to see the world through other people’s eyes, as well as sharing in their pain, has influenced and enriched her as a person, as well as her writing. She is also a wife, and mother to two children, a cat named JackJack and a dog named Sparky.

Book one of her fantasy trilogy, The Purple Morrow, can be found on Amazon.

She can also be reached on her blog Dropped Pebbles, Twitter @PurpleMorrowFacebookGoodreads and Google+, where information about her books, other writing projects, and samples can be found.

To find out more about The Purple Morrow and upcoming books, please click here.

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery

Subtext: Writing a Story Within a Story


Mad Mac

Just Desserts (Christmas Story)

— View from the Open Sea

Marco Casteleijn_pasfoto (429 x 621)

Marco G. Casteleijn

Marco G. Casteleijn

Marco G. Casteleijn grew up in a small town in the Netherland, and a good way to escape was to read, especially when a library was built. Marco graduated with a BSc in Biochemistry (NL), a MSc in molecular biology (FI) and a PhD in bioprocess Engineering at the University of Oulu, Finland. Marco is currently working on pharmaceutical proteins, their development and delivery at the University of Helsinki, Finland where he resides with his heroic wife and three magical children.

The narratives found in research are creative and intuitive, and can be as fascinating as a good book. Marco has been writing short stories and poetry since high school and continues to do so. In addition, Marco has published several academic peer reviewed articles in respectable journals. Marco is currently working on his lyric sequence “My Opaque Dreams”, while poetry and short stories along the way.

Follow Marco G. Casteleijn on: G+, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery: 



Kaziwa Salih

Award winning author, journalist, and social activist, currently a post-graduate student at York University, where she has already obtained a BA in Communication, an MA in Culture and Genocide studies, and a graduate certificate in Migration and Forced Refugee Issues She also has a certificate in International Journalism for International Writers from Sheridan College.

Salih is the publisher and editor of two Kurdish magazines. In 2010, she founded the Anti-Genocide Project to bring together the voices of genocide victims living in Canada. She is the author of 12 books, and has received several international awards, including the 2013 Naguib Mahfouz Award for the Novel and Short Story from the Nagham House and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. In recognition of her short stories, she was a two-time recipient of the first award at the Academia Mutamenti–Amita Festival of Art and Literature in Italy, in 2001 and 2002. She is appointed for 2014 Writer-in-Resident at George Brown College by PEN Canada.

Salih has participated in a number of international workshops and conferences, most recently a field study on the Holocaust with York University and “TheWomen of the Middle East” conference on agency and activism with Albany State University in New York. Kaziwa’s academic interests include genocide and culture, culture and communication theory, Kurdish studies, gender and ethics, and cultural psychology. She has been a member of numerous human rights organizations such as United Nation Association of Canada, Amnesty International, Egypt Human Rights Organization, Kurdistan Human Rights, Pen Canada and Writer in Exile.

Website :       www.kaziwa.com

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/kaziwa.salih

Twitter:        https://twitter.com/KaziwaSalih

–Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery

Wisdom of Being Blind

Doug Metz

Doug Metz

Douglas Metz is a poet and writer from New Jersey with a penchant for things macabre. In addition to writing he enjoys doing spoken word performances and recordings. His poetry, stories and recordings can all be found on http://unknownpoetry.wordpress.com.

Contributions to The Writer’s Gallery:

Feast of Friends (short story)

A Void to Avoid (short story)

— Shadow Dancer (poem)

Discovering Duluoz on SALE! 

Congratulations Everyone


Hello everyone and congratulations,

To be sure you understand that this is from both Adrianna and I, we will both post it.  That’s okay, you can go read her version of the post, I won’t mind, she is a hell-of-a-lot cuter than me.

I have seen a couple of posts around G+ that implied disappointment over the results of some entries; I have seen posts with communal praise tinged with wounded dignity.  I don’t want anyone to feel anything less than a bristling pride.  In this type of contest, there has to be a winner, but then everyone else is still a runner-up and deserving of everyone’s congratulatory praise.  I am sincerely proud and inspired by each and every one of you, and honored to be among your number.

Now, here is some really great news that you can be proud of, too.  Since we needed a place to display your works and a central place for voting, this Challenge spurred Adrianna and me to build the Writer’s Gallery.  Without your submissions and without your asking, prodding, urging, begging, and maybe bribing your friends, family, followers, and the riff raff you dragged in off the street to read your work and vote for you, the Gallery could not have been born.

The Writer’s Gallery is not only our site.

This site is for you and every other writer everywhere.  (Okay, it is not our site, but she and I are going to moderate and edit.  Plus if anyone goes near Adrianna’s “baby,” I cannot ensure your safety or even your survival.)  With that caveat, we want everyone’s continued participation.  If you have a learning tool, some well-written advice or teaching instruction, email it.  If you have a suggestion for content, email it.  If you have a prompt you would like to share, email it.  If you have written something good and the process by which it was written is instructive, inspiring, or innovative, put that in writing and email it.  If you have an idea for a competition, a showing, or a feature, email it.  If everyone contributes, and everyone promotes, and everyone participates, this Writer’s Gallery will become THE one place to go for everything writer’s need.  The PITA and I have a pretty good foundation of knowledge and experience, but that pales in comparison to the collective minds of this vast and varied community of writers.  We need all of you, and we want all of you, your friends, your teachers, mentors, coaches and their friends, too, to come be a part of something truly magnificent.  We intend on expanding this beyond the boundaries of our meager talent and experience, and bring in contributors for business writing, technical, medical, scientific, newspaper and magazine, travel writers, bloggers, children’s literature, and community activism.  One site that will benefit (and in some cases even replace) every group, club, community, and gathering of writers everywhere.


We have a lot of exciting irons in the fire, with a big announcement coming tomorrow (if the PITA stops pinging me on the messenger long enough for me to get the job done).  There will be numerous opportunities to show your work, compete with other writers, promote yourself as an author, and hone your skills as a craftsman.

The word is being spread through the halls of the publishing world of what we are doing.  Real (paper) publishers, journal editors, magazine staff, and literary agents will be among the visitors and readers at the site.  As content grows, and the Gallery of featured writings expands, the opportunity to springboard into bigger more exciting opportunities will exist for all of us.  This is going to be big, thanks for coming along for the ride.

The Dangers of Writing In Passive When an Active Voice Is Demanded.

This post is aimed towards genres such as  horror, thriller, suspense and action ( pretty much any genre where the need to grip the audience’s attention is necessary!)

Keep in mind, while reading this post, I am not expert writer. However, I have had more than my share of rough critiques, and I’m grateful for them. Without them I would not have been sought after by publicists for Nadia, and commended on my vigorous technique. My hope in writing this post is to help some of you learn a bit of what I’ve learned. 

Write in an active voice!! Do not attempt to write these genre’s in a passive voice. It will not sit well with your audience. We choose to read these genres with an expectation that we will be blown away, not put to sleep. Continue reading

A. Joleigh Saying Hi

Just wanted to say hi to the voters and participants!

Check out the Writer’s Challenge and vote!!


Welcome everyone to the Writer’s Challenge Voting Room

From October 26th to October 30th, voting will be open to the public. All participants make sure to share with your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc, to bring in as many votes as possible. Short link is: http://wp.me/p3ZJi0-3A

After midnight on the last day, I will close voting and the results will be posted the following day. 

Voting Rules: Each voter may choose up to three stories that they like the most. Authors may not vote on their own entries.

To vote: Click on the ”LIke” button below the post or use the stars.

In the event of a tie: The hosts David Kent and Adrianna Joleigh will choose the winner.

***The winner will have the choice of his/her work that will be featured on Adrianna Joleigh’s site for an entire month. If you do not have a book or site that you wish to feature, she will be more than happy to feature some of your writing during the month for the world to see.

***The winning entry will also be showcased on this site.

Laston Kirkland–Untitled

Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him, wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; he knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face.

He was going to have to go through the town of Gotham if he wanted to make it to lodging before the storm hit.  Damn fools. And they would expect him to save Continue reading

Drew Satterwhite–Untitled

“You sure you want to do this?” Kevin asks.

Eric, head lowered, raises his eyes. “I’ve never been as sure.”

The car idles quietly, heat barely able to keep the brothers warm against an unexpectedly harsh winter.

“Are you going to be able to handle him? He’s a big guy.”

“Does it matter?” Eric asks rhetorically. “I don’t care if he’s armed. This is what I need to… I have to do.” Continue reading

Matthew Eaton– Eternal Lover

Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him
Wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path
An eerie howl screaming through the treetops
He knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense
Yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face Continue reading

A. Long — Chimera Self

My face was beat by wind and sleet,
Forest floor set traps to trip my feet.
My cloak wrapped tight about my neck,
In rain, I embarked on forest trek.
The creature wailed up in the tree,
Fought to keep his life from me.

My creation howled, woed, moaned,
Invoking God, each groan Continue reading

Yolanda Marin–A Crumpled Body

The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time, that she would be numb to it.  Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood.  She knew she would have to go and wash up.  He hated to see her dishevelled, she must look her best or it may set him off again.  Her body ached and she knew that in a little while it would be covered in bruises.

This time had been worse than the others. She had lost consciousness, coming to only when she felt Coco licking the blood off Continue reading

Francis Franklin-Untitled

The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time. Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. She knew she would have to find somewhere to hide. Already the sky was bright with the coming dawn. The hunters would be awake by now, eager to sniff out her trail. Like this one had. He should have stayed with them instead of charging into the night Continue reading

B. Paradis–Untitled

Each step was more agonizing than the last, each breath revealed another inner demon.  The Blue Forest was so majestic during the day, but under the shadow of night, its true nature was revealed. This was the only portal that all the sorrows of the world were released, in so much that even the flowers themselves grew blue from the tears of the Earth.

Another howl… Continue reading

Nariman Parker–BURGUNDY

Raindrops huge and insistent assaulted the glass behind him. Staring in his rear view mirror it looked like the dark was stalking him. He shrugged his jacket closer hoping the camouflage might shield him against the enveloping danger. The howling wind cried a tearful lament; warning him to veer off the unlit winding road where the only thing standing between him and the edge, were tiny pillars and the warning bells ringing in his head.

Jack cursed as a loose stone hit his windscreen. He drove on knowing he had trespassed against all reason Continue reading

Dennis Edwards–Bessie Mae’s Dream

Bess was relatively content in life.  She had come to accept certain things would never be as she would like them, but on the whole she had few real complaints.  She accepted the fact that life was short, and time accelerated without mercy after she turned thirty.  She accepted that she would never win a Pulitzer Prize, and that Chocolate was a fattening and most worthy temptation.  She could not accept not being in love.
She found herself on the cusp of middle age, ten years removed from college, and life had not yet turned out as she had hoped.  She thought surely by now she would be a professional writer, Continue reading

Youssef Sleiman–Untitled

The pain surprised her. She had thought it would hurt less this time. 

Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. The borrowed red dress, doing its job perfectly to the aghast high school talent show audience, didn’t hide anything from her partner onstage, Denis Friebt. He held the gun – and a face awash with defeat, horror and guilt.

“You can’t make me shoot you onstage. They’re going to know about it,” Denis said, wearing a face full of defiance, horror and fear. “I’ll get expelled.” Continue reading

Justin Michael Schmidt–Untitled

Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him, wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; he knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face.

He is not really here. His body lays where it has fallen in what was once their home. Some part of him knows this, but does not care…

“Maggie!” He was screaming himself now; screaming into oblivion. But, the wind howled to mock him and his lost love. Continue reading

Amy Glamos–Untitled

The rain had turned to ice somewhere between his house and the path, slicing at his raw hands and pinging against the dark glass of the windows behind him.  He clutched his coat tighter, desperate to hold onto the residual heat of her.  The wound on his shoulder trickled down his back beneath the layers, a viscid reminder of exactly what he was chasing after.  Somewhere through the swaying trees, an eerie howl pierced the silence of the storm.  She is near, he thought.

His steps quickened on the icy path as he slid his freezing hands into his pockets.  His stiff fingers closed around the cold metal of a gun.  Continue reading

Rachael Rippon–Untitled

Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him, wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; he knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his Nightmare face-to-face.
He took a breath and stepped into the clearing, clutching his blanket more firmly about him. This was his only wish, he couldn’t waste it.
Before him stood his Nightmare, he hadn’t imagined she would look like this. She turned around and smiled. “Hello, I’ve been waiting such a long time.” She laughed. A laugh so light and airy it sounded almost human.
“I wasn’t expecting… you.” He looked about the clearing, but yes. She was the only one there. His Nightmare. Continue reading

Myron Dansby–Untitled

It was a stab in the hart, that she didn’t expect, after all, she hardly knew this little cat, it belonged to the neighbor, and it was bothersome at times, coming over and rubbing against her leg, running back and forth in the street.
as she knelt down by its lifeless body, a tear fell from her her cheek and disappeared into the pond of warm blood, she felt angry and sad at the same time.
if it wasn’t in the street that car wouldn’t have hit it!  she plucked up the body from the street and carried it to the old lady’s yard she was covered with blood and she knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. Continue reading

Crystal Lane

She was intrigued by the lack of emotional stimulation felt deep inside her soul. SHE ONLY SHED ONE TEAR…
She theorized in her spirit that she had been at this place in her life too many too many times before , and these emotions had now been silenced by a concrete wall of avoidance to glisten and make shiny her guilt.

It was only six short months ago she had missed her menses for two months . In her line of occupation, conception was a drawback not a great blessing bestowed upon the most fortunate; thus, it could not be allowed to sustain if she was to be able to sustain her own life. SHE DISTANTLY REMEMBERED THINKING WHAT THE BIRTHDAY OF THE LAST CHILD WOULD HAVE BEEN … Continue reading