Working Holiday by Rusty Rimes

“Man it’s cold out here, I think my ass is frozen to this crate.”

“Yeah Tony I know what you mean. You’d think with all the money these bastards make, they could at least put up a heater or two in this warehouse for us.”

“Yeah, you’re right Bill. Especially this time of year, when they really roll in the dough, with all that Christmas shipping crap.” Continue reading

Myron Dansby–Untitled

It was a stab in the hart, that she didn’t expect, after all, she hardly knew this little cat, it belonged to the neighbor, and it was bothersome at times, coming over and rubbing against her leg, running back and forth in the street.
as she knelt down by its lifeless body, a tear fell from her her cheek and disappeared into the pond of warm blood, she felt angry and sad at the same time.
if it wasn’t in the street that car wouldn’t have hit it! ¬†she plucked up the body from the street and carried it to the old lady’s yard she was covered with blood and she knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. Continue reading