A Four-Letter Word by Caro Ness

Love is just a four-letter word

Like long, or like, or wish, or hope,

Yet, though it may seem quite absurd,

It encircles the heart with silken rope,

And makes each day seem bright and new, Continue reading

Beaches by R. Harlan Smith

Once upon the good old days on Miller Beach,
When school was out with nothing more to learn or teach,
You played along the shore with all your pretty friends
Regardless of a world where space and time descends.
Such seasons fade as night persists to day, although Continue reading

The Birth of the Valentine’s Day Scars by Mbongeni Nyadza

Candid candle lights erupt a fire
Echoing a sweet melody of rhapsody
Notorious settling setting ablaze the valley of valentine’s day
Drumming a sweet tune of love
Romancing a sew saw of affection
Affecting the motionless motion of the dinner table Continue reading

Valentine’s Poetry Writer’s Challenge

Calling all poets!!!

I had such a great time with this last Writer’s Challenge, that David and I have decided to host another one for Valentines Day. 

This time, we are going to make the Challenge about poetry. Now, I know there are hundreds of you poets out there in my groups. Now’s the time to come out of the dark and show us what you’ve got.

The requirements for this contest are as follows:valentines_day_love-12628

1) Poem can be any length. No maximum or minimum word usage.

2) The poem doesn’t have to be romantic. It can be horrifying, depressing, loving.. anything! 🙂 As long as it’s a poem, it’s acceptable.

3) Editing: you are responsible for any editing and/or proofreading for your entry. David and I have a lot to do on with our jobs that we don’t have time to edit each and every entry. 🙂

4) No explicit sexual poetry will be allowed.  Passion, and sex are allowed, but do not be vulgar.

5) Submit all entries to davidandadrianna@yahoo.com 

Deadline: January 19, 2014.

Voting: January 20th – January 25th

Winner’s announced: January 26, 2014 

Prizes: a romantic theme painted by A. Joleigh (reserved for winner by the public vote), a book of poetry (specifics will be announced soon), chocolates and a card sent to a Heart-Sweets-Wallpapersecret love or someone you admire from afar.

***Voting Rules. A primary winner will be chosen by the public. Four other winners will be chosen by the hosts (David and me). All will have their poems displayed in the Challengers Hall, with their information and photo.