Writing Prompts for the week of May 5, 2014

Evidence of Death. To the television crime show trained eye of young Benjamin, the stain was definitely blood. Jack and Mikey argued that it was the wrong color, and besides, “If it were blood, then why ain’t there no body, no foot prints, no drag marks.” The boys never put two and two together, if they had, the fate of Flatwater might have turned out differently.

The secret of the roustabout. It was the largest fair in the South, a melding of every other county fair in the region. The roustabouts worked around the clock assembling rides, doing safety checks and decorating the promenade. Until the fair closed, there would be no time for parties, tomfoolery or socializing with the locals. But Brent, the newest crewman, had a secret.

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About David Kent

I promote and encourage the advancement and education of writers everywhere. I dream of a society that once again incorporated literature into the acculturation of their children, replacing the empty calories of 22 minute sitcoms and mindless reality TV. But first we write, then prod them to read, and finally hope for the best. Read more at http://writerinthemountains.blogspot.com/

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