Writing prompts April 19, 2014

This first one is a “think outside the box” type of post.  Leave aside your phobic fears or killing instincts, and look for the story within, i.e. a malevolent and purposeful placement, an omen, a supernatural event, or explore from the non-human POV.

1.  You awaken to find a snake in your house (you decide where).

2.  Explore the psyche, guilt and/or motives of a cheating spouse.

3.  Depressed, lonely and standing at a wave swept shore of an ocean, your MC is overwhelmed with the memory his/her experience of “First Love” and the circumstances leading to or ending that relationship.

Remember to submit your work to be showcased here on the Gallery.  It does not have to be motivated by these or any previous prompts.  Adrianna and I are only looking to spur your imagination and cultivate your talents.

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About David Kent

I promote and encourage the advancement and education of writers everywhere. I dream of a society that once again incorporated literature into the acculturation of their children, replacing the empty calories of 22 minute sitcoms and mindless reality TV. But first we write, then prod them to read, and finally hope for the best. Read more at http://writerinthemountains.blogspot.com/

3 thoughts on “Writing prompts April 19, 2014

  1. Here’s my entry to the prompt.

    Serpents Dream

    A serpents dream, howling screams;

    Brings the yawn and dawn of morn,

    What’s this? Not all is as it seems!

    What tickles under blankets worn?

    An unseen force yet crystallized,

    Perplexes mind in quivering rued,

    Spasm brings rattle, now alls relized!

    Cheating spouse, one I once pursued!

    Argued for day valued my demise,

    Surprise! I see it now painted wall;

    Sweet smell of success she’ll relize

    Akin snake hissing mid legs sprawl.

    Methinks not move nor cry out,

    As serpents dream is now alive;

    I pray faithfully with no doubt

    Rescue will come, I will survive.

    How this shall anger her through

    Whence of mine escapes such trap;

    Laid forth this the hot harlots coup,

    Let her stew under persecutions cap.

    Overwhelmed memories that might’ve

    Been a beginning, ifin she did not pretend,

    To defend motives swept by previous love.

    That lends not to end malevolent heart rend!

    While methinks all what reasons such evil

    On far window break, snake tail yonder makes,

    For freedom is his and mine alike in retrieval

    Given prayer to God who’s heart now aches!

    For shespy that planted my nightmare’s awake,

    Now sleeps outside window break, bitten snake.

    How I pray for her now while eating wedding cake

    Serpents dreams lost mine disposed “Golden Gate”.

    On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 1:33 PM, Harold Clapsaddle wrote:

    > Where do I post a poem to your snake and emotion prompt? > > > On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 10:18 AM, Writer’s Gallery <

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