The Birth of the Valentine’s Day Scars by Mbongeni Nyadza

Candid candle lights erupt a fire
Echoing a sweet melody of rhapsody
Notorious settling setting ablaze the valley of valentine’s day
Drumming a sweet tune of love
Romancing a sew saw of affection
Affecting the motionless motion of the dinner table
Orchestrating a sweet scent of roses
Rendering an electrolysis catalyst of burning hearts
Trumpets bellowing beneath the skins of the lovers
Infectious desired whispering into each other’s ears
Simultaneous amalganating into one
Enticing intimate movements of one another
Into a trans of a dual network

Much to the amazement of the hearts
They breathe the same language
Ears dance to the sound of the lips
Nodding homogenous to every word uttered
The lips linger for introductions
But hindered by flirtatious flirtation
The noses kidnap each other’s scent
Keeping the flamboyant room anticipating

How can I be so blind?
Blinkers so brutal
A mirage?

Blood shot eyes
Hostage to the black shaddy shades
Shades capturing a tangling dirge
Engulfed in a red pool of tears
Arrested by red clothing
Overshadowed by streaming stretching storm
Dicing at the dawn of pregnancy
Succeeded by death

Lambasted inferno
Soaked dripping smoking flames
A smoke without a fire?
Flames fueled by sorrowful grief
Bestowed in the kindergarten of the love birds
Singing pessimistic in their infancy
Stranded at the crossroad maze of the love nest
The birth of the valentine’s day scars

Mbongeni Nyadza

Mbongeni Nyadza


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