Shadow Dancer by Doug Metz

once walking through the woods
my mind dull and dreary
i paused to rest beside an oak
and lay my spirit weary
the orb of light hanging low
having all but given up
the endless sleep i sought
my soul had had enough
cradled by my spectral dreams
the skies began to darken
i wanted not for life
but only tombstone gardens
a song drifted through the trees
from slumber i was stirred
my nightmares interrupted
when a gypsy melody i heard
into the dusk a shadow danced
i stumbled quick to follow
enraptured by her mystery
in love i sought to wallow
to another place she led me
aurora trails in her wake
when over roses danced
my chest began to quake
the closer i gained the more i saw
the darkness she had drawn within
the ‘lectric hue i saw around
came from beneath her skin
at last she stopped within a glen
and let me sit beside her
she settled down beside a pool
the moon had made a mirror
in her eclipse i saw a beauty
unlike any ever seen
as if conspired by the fates
knew we were meant to be
tenderly she looked at me
a smile drawn upon my face
i looked at the reflecting pool
to see the couple that we’d make
what spell had i befallen
how could this sight be true
when looking in the mirror
the shadows there were two
shaken by this revelation
my heart began to skip
i woke beside the lonesome oak
covered in a mist
it couldn’t be a dream i wailed
this happiness i felt
a love like none i’d ever known
my spirit broken wept
a flicker in the darkness
that same electric blue
how could i love another
before myself i never knew
Doug Metz

Doug Metz

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