Really?! Seriously?! by Joseph Imperi

Really?!?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!?!

You were always my best friend first
There is really no excuse
Your love is what I thirst
Oh really what’s the use

You were given all I could give
I asked for only love in return
What I offered was a chance to live
Instead I am alone and need to learn

Now I know It’s over
I can read between the lines
So much for the four leaf clover
You have given me all the signs

A wish is a wish
And I guess it just never took
My foolish heart, like a foolish fish
I eagerly ate your hook

‘Twas all for naught
I am reeling it in
Yet my heart would have fought
Sorrily you have given in…


1 thought on “Really?! Seriously?! by Joseph Imperi

  1. Love the poem. I miss reading such simple, innocuous styled, rhyming poetry. I used to write like that once upon a time and even though my writing style has changed to a degree, I still savour my old writs, I consider them the best written.

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