My Pet Monkey by Suri Ben Noah


I came across a monkey so dear

So cute it was, I loved it truly

My love I expressed without fear

Though the monkey at times turned unruly

Like any other monkey it did throw tantrums

But I couldn’t care less or more

For I loved it in all its moods and forms

and my love continued to grow

I loved the monkey so much

That the master soon became the slave

And very soon things were such

That the monkey I did crave

The monkey soon commanded

As was a monkey’s won’t to be

And I did whatever it demanded

As much a donkey as I could be

One fine day the monkey decided

That it was fed up of me

An opportunity it was then provided

To walk out on me

As was a monkey’s wont to do

It swung from branch to branch

And I was left with nothing better to do

But be just a lonely unused branch

The branch that once was filled with joy

Has become desolate now

After all it was fooled by a monkey’s ploy

And remains still and silent now

I now miss my monkey love

My one and only true love.

Her tantrums and her monkey tricks

I continue to miss them all.

But now I’ve learn’t my lesson

I’ve learn’t not to cry

The monkey has fulfilled its mission

Of making my tears run dry

I now wait in hope so vain

For the return of my monkey

With no tears but only pain

Is this the reward for this donkey?

Benjamin Noah Suresh

Suri Ben Noah


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