Memories of Love by Matt Ewens

Delicately touching her image locked in time,
A whispered voice, ‘darling you were once mine’,
Swallowing tears and reliving distant fears,
His head bows to remember those years.

Her sparkling eyes, once so full of love,
Beautifully enigmatic, like angels above,
Her sunshine smile and wispy golden hair,
And smooth silky skin, so wonderfully fair.

My golden girl, and one true friend,
This love for you will never end,
To the end of forever and beyond all time,
Your sweet heart will always be mine.

Once young lovers; picture of health,
Penniless, but hearts filled with wealth,
Rationed, ravaged, redundantly redolent,
Still together; although insufferably insolvent.

We lived through the fires in the sky,
Through death and pain; we would cry,
For freedom from mankind’s terrible fear,
I love you, I love you, I love you; my dear.

Tears splash across the picture in his hand,
In sickness and in health; hard to understand,
Why love is lost in decay and treason,
By the disease of the mindless reason.

With each visit you forget my face,
Dementia is such a horrid disgrace,
It’s killed my love, broken my heart,
And now all I want is this life to depart.

Eyes no longer seeing; but still switched on,
All my words lost, broken and gone,
Unrecognisable from the woman I knew,
And still science can’t provide any clue.

I’ll live out the rest of my days,
Wondering in a lonely, cloudy haze,
Remembering fondly of a love so pure,
I always thought ours would be a love to endure…..

Matt Ewens

Matt Ewens


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