Inter canem et lupum by Marco Casteleijn

There a dance, it is starting. Movements, infucatus,
sparks drawn across the darkening sky. Dancing
the night away in perpetual fluttering. Papilio
trying to catch the last rays of the sun. Aeternus eternus
are its movements. Seeing without seeing. Only being.

This faint light in our veins, there only for us to know.
Our hearts pump our love in blushes over our skin,
and red blood feeds the hunger. We are aching.
Time feels sluggish. It holds dear infinity to bestow.
A horsehair holds the sword over the banquet of Sin.

Large eras dwell between brief moments of living,
as the oceans that separate Elysian Fields from mankind.
Fumbling the ores as thoughts are only of my Regina,
to touch her lips, smelling her hair. To be her King,
hearing her voice. Tortures of the loving mind.

“My love, my dream. Your absence carnificina
to my heart. Am I not woman. Am I only a toy?
As your mistress, it is only I who can redeem
your pain. Listen to my camena, for I am Dacigena.
I wear a crown on a wolf’s head. Family’s essence a joy.”

Fragile her breath fills the world, and escapes unseen.
A blue sky inhales her thoughts. Who am I to speak
in moments like these? I follow her hair while it swirls. Basium,
I seek her mouth, and find it where it has always been.
Safe in each other’s world. Harboured in a secret creek.

Marco Casteleijn

Marco Casteleijn


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