If You Are The Fire, I Am The Flame by Charlee Felice

Did you know that we carry
Our love in our hearts?
Destiny made our path
To never be apart

It was on that day
When I walked along your side
A magical moment
You stood tall with a smile

I forgot what love was like
Until that gentle afternoon
When my steps crossed your way
And I peeked out like the moon

I had given up hope
That a love could be so true
But with your manly rugged look
And your torn out jeans of blue

You gave this old heart
A look into its soul
And it saw its shining light
Brighten up without control.

Through the years without knowing
My life you have ignited
Like a kiss of morning dew
Makes a flower so delighted

If you are the clouds, I am the rain
If you are the fire, I am the flame
For whatever you can be
I will adapt and be with thee.

Oh, my love
Today, I will tell, today, I will yell
For the world needs to know
Forever In my heart, you always shall dwell.


Charlee Felice


5 thoughts on “If You Are The Fire, I Am The Flame by Charlee Felice

    • Hi Brandon; Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to read the poem. I am pleased that if felt as if a song sifted in and remain in you.


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