I Saw You Coming by Dan Ankers

I saw you coming a long, long way
away from me
So far I couldn’t tell the color of your hair
or how tall you’d be
You were just a simple glimmer of hope
inside the lens of my childhood telescope
(I knew you’d come,
you were always there with me)

Many years passed
and I walked alone
I lost my shoes
and my way back home
I lost my name
and I lost it all
and I must admit it too…
I almost lost the memory of you
(so long ago,
from my childhood telescope)

Adulthood comes so unfairly
to everyone
It doesn’t care a thing
about the things you’d dreamed
and they soon get swept underneath
the sandman’s apathetic rug
by the unholy hands of gaunt and listless men
wearing tiny name-tags and clad in baggy jumpsuits
(They rarely mean you any harm,
they are merely lost too)

And as time went by for me
a Man’s dreams were no more,
Much less a boys
(The first thing that time destroys)
And all my toys were gone
and my wayward attitude, too

all I had were days…
And then there came a

I was walking on the sidewalk
on my way to turn a corner
Contemplating dinner
(probably some gruel to keep me thinner)
And as my footsteps angled toward an alley-way,
I stepped on yours
(as you rounded the very same)
And the shock of running into you
was heaven overlay-ed.

My hands touched the curvature of your body
our arms accidentally embraced
I saw the way your eyes looked
as they flew wide with surprise
I now knew the color of your hair
as it dangled in light brown tresses
around your face
and as the top of your head
was just below the bottom of my chin
I now knew how tall you were
with an impassioned grin

And that’s how it has been
for thirty years now
Every stolen year of my youth
A thousand fold.
Every year much sweeter than the last.
Every lost dream
And trampled hope
has passed…
Has been forgotten,
like a noisy dream upon waking
My life is here now
and love is for the taking.

Dan Ankers

Dan Ankers


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