Falling In One’s Own Trap by Arushi Sachan

I fell for it

An exotic predator

Golden intriguing eyes

The powerful essence

Ripping me apart

Keeping me under those shady lashes

I could feel the warmth

Pushing me down, underground

The unusual and strange aura

Stirring up the passion inside me

Bringing on the surface of my skin

My very ardent desires

Sucking my vulnerability out of me

It’s tickling me, the infection

As if it’s dancing rough in my nerves

Eerie and erotic, fear and freedom

I felt it all just increasing

And yet I walked towards it

Strongly affected by the hypnotism and magnetism

The rich scent and infinite ecstasy

Its intense eyes sharp and staring as if it’s a needle

Sewing my weak broken heart from a meter away

And it pounced on me before I even realized

Started to tear of my skin with its bloody claws

As I endured in the immense pleasure

Once or twice a thought of escape vanished

As I enjoyed its powerful grip

I was bounded and safe

Dying and lying

To myself

Screaming for help bathed with blood

I lost myself to it

I lost myself to a wild dark creature

My shame and my pride

It was too late now

I had fallen in love.


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