Beautiful to Me by Dimitri Dow

When I was feeling down, the day was dark and dreary
That’s when I met you, my spirits lifted by your beauty.

It surrounds you with a gentle glow, as if crowned by a halo.
You say that you are fat and ugly but I swear it truly isn’t so.

For your the essence of perfection, a model it is true.
I can see it in your eyes, it is a natural part of you.

Like water it surrounds you, so sweet and smooth.
You’d better start to believe it for it is pure truth.

Kids call you fat and ugly doc says to lose some weight.
But people are so cruel they only know how to hate.

It is out right lies because your just so dang pretty.
I’m telling you its true so please don’t argue with me.

For your beauty is tantalizing its really quite amazing.
You exhibit such grace, how you don’t know it is surprising.

Like a cascading waterfall it is so breathtaking.
So pure and natural, your beauty’s really quite distracting.

You say that you are ugly but you don’t fool nobody
For you radiate such beauty even a blind man could see.

Have I convinced you yet? Or must I carry on?
Cause I could write for days and justice still not be done.

You say that you are stubborn, that I won’t change your mind.
But I can be persuasive as I’m sure  you soon will find.

For my stubbornness equalls yours I’m hell bent to prove you wrong.
There is much power in poetry so sit back and listen to my song.

For your eyes sparkle and theres a sweetness to your smile.
Roses pale to your beauty for they wilt after a short while.

For brighter than the stars above that show the way to go,
You illuminate the world with your soft gentle glow.

To what can I compare you to so that my words you will beleive.
I hope that this works please don’t make me beg upon my knees.

But if that is what it takes I will, its that important to me
That you can believe and thus be the best that you can be.

Tap your full potential and shine brighter than the sun.
Blind the minds of haters and let them know they’ve not won.

So as you lay down each night and try to get some rest.
Don’t let their words drag you down for you truly are the best.

I don’t know what else to say but I hope that you now can see
Just how truly amazing you are and you really start to beleive.

If anyone dares tell you diffrent its cause they’re full of hate and lies
Don’t let them get the better of you for its only your beauty they despise.

So I hope that I have convinced you and opened your eyes to see
But even if I haven’t just know you’ll always be beautiful to me.


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