A Four-Letter Word by Caro Ness

Love is just a four-letter word

Like long, or like, or wish, or hope,

Yet, though it may seem quite absurd,

It encircles the heart with silken rope,

And makes each day seem bright and new,

With myriad wonderful things to do.

No hill too steep, no road too far,

To be precisely where YOU are!

You, the lover, you the muse,

You the beautiful dancing shoes

That sashay into the mind, the brain,

And linger, like a sweet refrain,

That needs discovering again and again….

Love is just a four letter word,

Like sing, or grin, or feel or hold,

Yet it’s the icing on the cake,

The greatest story ever told.

It’s the fizz in a fine champagne,

It’s the huff and puff of an old steam train

The breeze breathing gently on your face

The intricacies of a piece of lace,

It’s euphoria, it’s a dream

It’s the cherry on top of a large ice cream,

It’s a name you can’t ignore

If I’m the apple, your its core,

It’s a megatastic superstore.

Love is just a four-letter word,

But oh, it is so much MORE.

Caro Ness

Caro Ness


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