Writing Prompts for the week of Dec 21, 2013

A Midsummer Afternoon’s Dream
A warm afternoon stroll in an Edenic garden/pasture/wooded copse induces a lazy nap under a shade tree. During the sleep, the character is visited by fairies and learns the reality of their existence and their instinctive purpose to spread happiness among humans, but they need to enlist the help of the character to gain entry into City Hall where greed is motivating government officials to “develop” the land where they live and destroy their ancestral home.

A Haunting Revelation
A newly purchased home is haunted by the ghost from an unsolved murder several generations in the past. Communication is established and it is discovered the murder was committed by a prominent community/political leader, but revealing that info has consequences both to the established society and from the source of the information.

A Life Better Lived
You are a writer working on a novel and one of your characters has unusual personality traits. The character takes over your body (could be that you are conscious of your actions but not in control, you could regain control after a period and then deal with the consequences of your alter-ego’s actions, or you could embrace the change and alter your life to match your new personality).

A Stockholm Romance
Your female character is taken hostage in a robbery gone bad and is immediately smitten by the “good hearted” criminal. Possible scenarios: she becomes an accomplice; he surrenders and they continue their relationship in prison; he is killed by police and she has psychological issues; or the criminal purposefully shoots (but not fatally) the hostage while attempting to escape.

My Brother’s Keeper
Your extremely close sibling suddenly makes an uncharacteristic bad life-decision (relationship, crime, drugs), cuts off familial communications, and you feel obligated to “save” him or her only to discover dark family secrets.

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