Five Writing Prompts for the coming week 11/16/13

  1. A Modern Tale of Dorian Grey
    Browsing in an antique store you come across a decades old photograph that is unmistakably your spouse at the same age as he/she is now.
  2.  Life after Death
    A very close friend dies, you help his/her family make final arrangements, attend the open-casket viewing and are a pallbearer at the funeral.  Years later, while traveling, you accidently bump into him/her as they are leaving a coffee shop.
  3. A Void to Avoid
    Renovating an Antebellum house, you find a wall in the basement is three feet from where it logically should be.  Breaking through the wall you find…?
  4. Lunch with the Monks
    In an urban neighborhood store you are moved to perform act of charity by paying the grocery bill of a disheveled old woman who was obviously having trouble paying for her food.  Upon leaving you are greeted by a monk in a Coptic habit who takes you to lunch at his monastery as a reward for your generosity.  You return the next day to find that the monastery has been replaced by a long deserted factory building.
  5. Fixing Me
    By a paranormal event (genie, witch, divine intervention, whatever) you are given the opportunity to travel into YOUR past and change only ONE thing.  (This does not have to be autobiographical.)