Reminder: Accepting Applications for Showcase


We are still forming the panel to be featured in our first Select Showcase: We are looking for five skilled writers to address the same theme in different ways.

The five chosen pieces will be featured in a Showcase that will be open for public display, as well as inviting professionals from the publishing world to come and view.

If you are ready to write “Published” quality work in 2,000 to 4,000 words, using the theme of FIRST LOVE, please apply at

The preferred use of Style, POV, genre, etc., is chosen by the writer. We are looking for unique and innovative approaches to the theme First Love.  Be creative; put together something that will not only impress David and me, but impress a publisher, a magazine editor or a literary agent.  We don’t want the ordinary!

Applicants must clearly state in summary form how they will approach the theme and explain their innovative ideas (do not submit your story yet).  You must also supply a link to your other work, so that we can use it in our decision making.

If selected, be prepared to supply a picture, short bio and links to your website or blog.  We will need contact information that will not be made public unless you wish.  This information is for the agents, editors and publishers.

All submissions should be thoroughly proofread and edited.  They will be presented AS SUBMITTED.

This is not a timed event.  David and I will take as long as necessary to select the five writers to fill this panel.  The writer’s will have ample time to produce their best work.

Once we have made our selections, the picture, bio and publicity links will be posted in the Showcase (a working title and jacket flap summary would be nice as well).

For any questions, please feel free to email us at      

–A. Joleigh

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