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Hello fellow writers and everyone aspiring to be a better writer!!

Picture 15Hi, I am David Kent, a writer, an editor, a teacher, a mentor, and a dreamer.  Although my pen seems to work in just about every writing field from academic to technical to legal, my background and education is in Literary Writing.  That’s where the dreamer comes in:  I dream of a day when society once again incorporates literature into the acculturation of our children, giving them the value of history, morals and cultural diversity through the magic of well-written fiction.  We desperately need to replace the empty calories of the 22 minute sitcoms and mindless reality TV with the nutrient rich repast of the classics and soon to be classic.  But first we must learn, then we must write, then encourage everyone to read, and finally, we must all hope for the best.

The Muse and Views of a Mountain Writer

Adrianna here.

bae910b9-d3a9-482f-affe-8395e4f97ec3Those who know me, know that I am also in the midst of learning this craft and bettering my techniques on a daily basis. I have been blessed to have come across so many talented friends. From some of you, I’ve learned how to express my art, from others I’ve gained the technical knowledge to polish my craft and from everyone I have received the encouragement and motivation to strive to reach my fullest potential as a writer. I would like to return these favors with the help of my dear friend/co-writer/editor/inspiration and co-conspirator, David Kent, by providing this site as a source of knowledge, shared experience, fun competitions, comparative idea sharing and public promotion of your work.

David and I designed this site to promote and encourage the education and advancement of writers everywhere, from the tyro student, to emerging talent, to the established authors. We are all on this path together, so join us in our exercises, our discussions, and blend your experience with our experiences to become the writer that others aspire to be. Forget about trying to be like the others. Be yourself, express your individuality, discover your own style and voice, and then work at perfecting your craft.

You are unique and that alone will set you apart from the rest. Stand out and be proud and learn to feed and thrive off your imaginations.

We are here to have fun and grow together. Please join us in our Writer Challenges, Contests, Prompts and more!!

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—-A. Joleigh


Reminder: Accepting Applications for Showcase


We are still forming the panel to be featured in our first Select Showcase: We are looking for five skilled writers to address the same theme in different ways.

The five chosen pieces will be featured in a Showcase that will be open for public display, as well as inviting professionals from the publishing world to come and view.

If you are ready to write “Published” quality work in 2,000 to 4,000 words, using the theme of FIRST LOVE, Continue reading