Visual Writing Prompt photo by Nariman Parker


A family plot in the Mowbray Cemetery on a dismal day taken a few months back on my mobile from the comfort of my car.

Nariman Parker is a writer and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa.  Her amazing eye for capturing interesting subjects and her extraordinary written perspectives on the subtleties of human relationships captivated THIS fan from the first time I met her.

When I first saw this shot my mind reeled with all of the possibilities. This picture could be an enticing book jacket photo and/or an intense writing prompt.  The suggestive grey hues captured by Nariman’s lens, the rain splashed windows symbolic of both the comfort within and the dismal existence outside, the history of an ancient cemetery implying both a mystery and its answer, and finally, the juxtaposition of the majestic tree-life stretching toward Heaven from a hallowed place of interment.

This deserves the careful attention of your imagination and creative soul (pun intended); have fun and let Nariman, Adrianna and me know what you came up with. David Kent

Thanks again Nariman!!!!  Visit her Google+ page for more photos,

and read her blog Flashes for her flashes of brilliant writing.

Word Choice is the Incantation Behind the Magic by David Kent

What’s the difference between ordinary writing and extraordinary works?

Word choice.

That is not some editorial decree to run out and buy a new thesaurus (although if you don’t own J. I. Rodale’s Synonym Finder, you should go get it), there is a lot more to word choice than a simple book learned substitution of terms. Continue reading