This showcase is NOT for the Ordinary

Did you ever have an idea that was so novel, no one understood?

I guess that is what happened with my idea about the Writer’s Gallery and the Selective Showcase.  I even had the moderator of the closed group Fiction Writers on Facebook bounce me out of her clique because of a mere mention of the Showcase.

First I want to tackle the Selective Showcase.  In an act of apparent heresy against the religion of writing, I came up with the idea of creating an opportunity to simultaneously show off great writing to an audience of not only the reading public, but to an invited group of professional talent scouts from the publishing world.  Immediately, everyone (and I mean everyone) took for granted that this was nothing but another internet based writing contest or competition.

The Writer’s Gallery will be hosting competitions and contests, but that is NOT what this showcase is about.  When I began discussing the universal concept of the Gallery, I began seeing light bulbs go off in some circles.  My idea was to thwart the whole submission – rejection cycle of writers searching for publishers and publishers looking for talent.  The concept was to display carefully selected works in a central location that could be blindly reviewed by publishing professionals and at the same time open to inspection by other aspiring writers hoping to glean some knowledge from the works of their more seasoned cohorts.

By making the placements subject to editorial scrutiny and limiting the number works and the frequency of the showcases, the invited publishers will not have to sift through dozens or hundreds of works to locate a few noteworthy pieces.

That is the reason for the application process.  Adrianna and I, as humbly as we are able, are going to select our five writers (for this showcase, there will be more) based on the quality of their past works and their proposed approach to the theme of First LovePlease note: “Approach to the theme.”  We are going to select five different perspectives.  I do not want a hundred stories of the cute girl/guy someone fell for and the ensuing broken heart.  Take First Love out of the realm of the ordinary and look at it in the realm of your imagination and creativity. Here is a direct quote from a critique I wrote last night; “Continuously be on the lookout for new, different and better ways to say ordinary things. Be novel, unique, but be yourself.”  That’s as far as I am going to lead you, if you don’t want to drink the water, I don’t know what else to do.