Aspiring Authors

Hello my dear writers,

As you know, we have another opportunity for writers to come join in another adventure. (If you have not seen David’s post regarding this venture, please click here) First, I’d like to mention that this application opportunity is being offered to all of you. What the Writer’s Gallery is seeking are writers willing to put forth their best work and be viewed by not only the public, but by the professionals of the publishing industry.  We need only top quality work.

Don’t let the topic ”First Love” throw you off. I know the typical perception of that phrase is to envision something cheesy or corny. Your story may end tragically or blissfully, encompass the ordinary in extraordinary words, or stretch the boundaries of the reader’s imagination.  It’s in your hands; be inventive and let your creativity shine.

Be prepared to show us your best work! Make sure that it is edited and proofread prior to submitting your work. It will not be edited once it’s received. Keep in mind that professional publicists will be viewing your work.

I know some of you are intimidated by this, and I know some of you are also telling yourselves ”I’m not a good writer,”  ”I have nothing to offer than is unique,” ”I’m a rookie-writer and have so much to learn.” You will be surprised at how many of you have so much to offer, and yet we don’t get to see your full potential because of a fear of rejection. We all fall, but we all must rise again. In order to succeed we have to fail. How else will we appreciate the win in the end?

This is NOT a contest. We will not have voters coming in to score your applications or judge your finished writings. The applicants will be selected by David and myself. Once we have chosen the five authors, they and their works will be showcased for all to see.  The only judging will be done in the hearts and minds of a truly PUBLIC audience and the invited professionals in search of emerging talents.


This is the APPLICATION PROCESS only.  There is no time limit; we are looking for the best candidates with the best ideas. We will cut off the application process when we have made our selections.  To apply, we require that you mail your well-considered and detailed idea on how you would approach the theme ”First Love” along with a sampling or link to a sampling of the best work you have thus far produced.  BE INNOVATIVE: Dig deep into your creative minds and consider writing through a unique POV, consider unusual outcomes, and / or bizarre or highly unique characters.

Please email your ideas (NOT a full story) to

For more information, please click this link. 

A. Joleigh

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