Did you say Proofreader or Editor?

Picture 1Adrianna and I thought we might like to address something that almost all writers know something about, but a topic of which few emerging writers have a competent knowledge.  In fact, two distinctly different job titles that I perform work under on a daily basis, my Continue reading

Subtext: Writing a Story Within a Story by: Dyane Forde

Subtext: Writing a Story Within a Story

DyaneWriters write for different reasons, but usually it’s because, well, we have something to say. Sometimes, just what that might be isn’t known at the moment we sit down at the computer. Then there are times we know exactly what the message is and we set to writing it with purpose and effort. Then how come, even then, we end up with luke-warm responses or with something that isn’t as memorable as we’d thought? Continue reading

Cuneiform Prompt

After a big Nor’easter, walking along the Atlantic beach playing with the driftwood and storm debris, you find a stone encased in very old wood.  Turning the stone over you find three lines of cuneiform symbols and a rough map like area…..?
Prompts can be the beginning or the end