How the Poopy Tutu Developed

How I developed my story

Shit Happens (formerly titled The Poopy Tutu)

Adrianna Joleigh

This originally was my homework assignment and I pussy-footed my way around it for a few weeks, because the story itself just didn’t seem to come out ‘’normal.’’ Lol But then again, with me nothing ever does. David wanted me to approach the main character through an interview. Not like what you’re going to see in this story, but by tapping into the character and allowing him to tell me what happened. Some of you may have seen the interview a few weeks ago, but for those of you who haven’t, the interview had me in stitches. I didn’t know how to approach the story in a comedic way, since my character, Trent, was obviously someone I couldn’t take seriously. His accent threw me off and his stained teeth gave me the willies. Yesterday, David wrote me asking me about my piece and I told him, ‘’Fine! I’ll go write it.’’ I tapped into the character and asked him to help me and this is what happened. I wrote it all down just as I saw it in my head. Granted, it’s not perfectly written. It is just a homework assignment but none-the-less, it’s Trent Greywater’s story straight from the Gates of Hell, and how he went missing with the winning lottery ticket. I should warn you—do not eat while reading this! Lol. The language isn’t for children, either.

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