How Mad Mac developed

How I developed my story

Mad Mac

The approach I took to create Mad Mac wasn’t much different than what I have used since I started writing as a kid: I got an idea, sat down at the computer and wrote. In this piece, which was also written to compare the end results of a detailed, researched and lengthier story versus one that is written ‘on the fly’ and borders on flash fiction, I purposely did very little planning and left the piece as close to its original version as possible by only editing it once.


The actual writing was guided by the feelings, guesses and conclusions, and simple curiosity inspired by the prompt as I wrote. Though there are many ways to get to the heart of this story, I was only interested in one thing: What was this man’s possible emotional/mental state? My goal was to build the story from the inside out, from his unique perspective. I ended up using simple narration, second-hand information and inner dialog to do this. The only other clear piece of information guiding me was the picture in my head of two men sitting on a porch, talking and smoking, which influenced my decision for location and speech. Everything else, from deciding to break the story into the three different ‘chapters’, details of Mac’s life, challenges, background, relationships, etc. came to me as I wrote.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy Mad Mac.

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