Comparative Interpretations

In this section we will be inviting multiple writers to take the same writing prompt or idea and develop their stories.  Then we will showcase them together and invite everyone to compare the interpretations and conduct open discussions with the writers as to their approach.  It should be fun.  If you would like to participate in one of these exercises, please send your information to the email on the Home / About Us page with the reference line: COMPARATIVE INTERPRETATIONS.

Be sure to click the links to read the author’s description of how they developed their story from the common prompt.

David Kent

Please Pick a the Title of the Comparison you would like to Read

The Missing Lottery Winner

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About David Kent

I promote and encourage the advancement and education of writers everywhere. I dream of a society that once again incorporated literature into the acculturation of their children, replacing the empty calories of 22 minute sitcoms and mindless reality TV. But first we write, then prod them to read, and finally hope for the best. Read more at

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