Yolanda Marin–A Crumpled Body

The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time, that she would be numb to it.  Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood.  She knew she would have to go and wash up.  He hated to see her dishevelled, she must look her best or it may set him off again.  Her body ached and she knew that in a little while it would be covered in bruises.

This time had been worse than the others. She had lost consciousness, coming to only when she felt Coco licking the blood off her face.  Laura could still hear the puppy’s yelps as Brian had flung her across the room for trying to protect her.  Coco’s tiny body lay on her lap and she stroked her gently.  Miraculously she did not seem too badly hurt.

‘How had she gotten here?’  A crumbled body lying in the corner.  She was too tired to fight back and too weak to get up off the floor.

They had been happy when they had first gotten married.  So passionately in love, their future had seemed bright.  The beauty and her footbal hero … but things had changed.  Brian was not the golden boy at work that he had been in college.  Things had not come quite as easily as he had expected, and no amount of love and adoration from Laura, could make up for his diminishing self esteem.

He had started spending more and more time at the bar two years ago and she had become the target for the release of his unhappiness.  Of course, he was always repentant afterwards and promises were made that were never kept.

‘Why did she stay?  There was no love left.’  With each blow he had managed kill any love she had once felt.

‘She must get up.  He would be home soon.’  Laura moved and Coco scampered from her lap.  She dragged herself up from the floor, steadying herself on the back of the chair, then headed to the shower.  She could hear Coco whimpering outside the bathroom door.

Laura allowed the hot water to run over her battered body.  It felt so good and for a moment it washed away the pain.  Twenty minutes later dressed, her hair brushed neatly with heavy makeup covering the already appearing bruises she stood at the mirror.  She looked almost normal, except for her lip which was starting to swell.

She must hurry, she needed to clean up the mess in the other room.  There must be no evidence of what had happened.  Though in pain she put everything back in order, Coco following her around like a shadow.

Thirty minutes later she looked around the room, everything in its place just the way he liked it.  Just one more thing to do, she would have to remove the crumpled body on the floor.

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