untitled By: Dallas Adams

The pain surprised her. She thought it would hurt less this time. Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. This fight wasn’t like the other ones she had to do as a ninja. Ninjas never cried for their murders. When past memories come back though, it never was pretty. When a sibling comes back from the grave and attacks, that just adds to the pain. The person was not a zombie. It was an actual, normal, perfectly functioning human,  ignoring the fact there was a monster inside.

The girl never thought she would cause harm or destroy a whole village.  She was just curious and forgot the whole, “curiosity killed the cat” speech.  When the elders told the younger children of the village not to enter, what were they thinking was going to happen? That was just lighting up the forbidden room with a bright, red sign saying “enter” in blinking lights. Her elder sister, Taizai, warned her it was a bad idea to go snooping around in something that she knew nothing about. The girl should have listened. Now her sister was killed by the monster, then brought back as the monster’s host. Her sister was a perfectly functioning human body with a monster inside. She did what she had to do, the girl keep telling herself as she reached the village’s well. She had to get her sister’s blood off her hands. She had to. The longer it stayed on her flesh, the longer she felt like a traitor. As the girl leaned forward, the air turned cold. She turned around. A gasp escaped her lips as her sister stood up straight.

“I told you it was me. Why are you attacking me sister? I know I should be dead but let me explain..,” Taizai started, but her sister shook her head.

“You aren’t her! You’re a monster! I see the demon inside your dead-like eyes. Taizai had emotion. You don’t.” With that comment, she pulled out her sword from its sheath. She rushed forward and stabbed her own sister where her heart should be.

“That only works so many times,” Taizai hissed as blood poured from the wound and her mouth. “Don’t make me have to kill you, dear sister.” The words were like poison.

“Taizai would never talk to me like that!”

“I would if you keep trying to kill me. Now, stop it. Let me explain what is going on!” There was no doubt to the girl that this was not her sister. She had no need to hear the demon’s lies.

“I will kill you and free my sister, so she may rest in peace,” she growled as she removed her sword from Taizai’s throat and aimed for her neck. Her sister moved to the side before grabbing her giant star and jamming it deep into her stomach. The girl screamed in pain as the blade slid deeper and deeper into her. She struggled to break free, but either way she moved, it just caused the wound to deepen and grow wider. There was a sick sound of slurping of her sister’s blood.

“I’m sorry, sister. Even though I can’t die like that… it still hurts none the less.” Taizai’s words were gentle as she ripped her sister off the blade and threw her down the well. “I’ll be joining you,” she whispered as she placed her weapon on the ground. Taizai looked around for anything that was razor sharp to stab into her own weapon. Despite her efforts, everything she tried bounced off the sword. No matter how big or heavy, small or light, nothing could go through it. “How do I..?” she said to no one before realizing it was part of the curse. The bloodsucking monster was the demon. This explained why she could be stabbed so many times without dying.

“I’ve given you immortal life, why do you attack me?” a voice rang from the middle of the weapon. An eye slowly opened within the small metal piece of the sword’s middle. “I give you life, and you try to give me death? How come, weak human?”

“I know the evil that lives within you. I killed my sister because of you. You are a demon, and demons must be slaughtered.” With that Taizai picked up the weapon. She walked over to the well and placed small explosives on both sides. She lit them before jumping into the well.

“You fool! What are you doing?!” the voice exclaimed.

“Giving you a feast before you die,” Taizai explained while falling. She knew that if she died the weapon surely would  die, as well. If that was not the case, the weapon would be buried among the rubble of the day. It would take months, and the demon would starve itself to death by then. She sank the blade into her body. The demon had no choice but to drink. There was a large explosion. The remains of Taizai’s body splashed at the bottom.  Rocks and rubble followed to crush the sisters. All that remained was silence as the world turned, freed this day from evil’s impending doom.

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