Revelation By: Adrianna Joleigh

Sleet pinging against dark glass behind her, wind whipped leaves stampeding past her feet on an unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; she knew she had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet she walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet face-to-face her means to an end. Tick-tock, the pendulum swings; increasing its pentameter as she approaches.

Burdened with a heavy heart she watched her past play before her; aspirations die in its wake. Footsteps creeping down the hallways interrupting the nights. An impending open door and foul alcoholic breathe in her face; shouting commences, followed by a raised hand ending with a degrading wallop. The only hope was to have her mother love her as she did once; the time when only the sounds of a lullaby surrounded them both, but unlikely for a child that is broken.

Morning after morning, desperate to belong, she leapt from one man’s arms to another, searching for her temporary ‘’fix.’’ Breaking hearts and murdering hope, she is unable to truly love ―resulting in emptiness.

Jagged hail beats against her cheeks, rerouting the river of black tears. Heaving pneumonia resonates across the iced road. She hobbles with one shoe on and the other dangling from her forefinger.

Whispers sigh through the violent squalls, telling her to give in. Her shattered heart lay on her shoulder; awaiting her white knight.

She views the dagger in her quaking grip, contemplating the reasons why she shouldn’t. Unable to think of any, she places the tip against her throat, pressing and imagining the mess. She presses again; her heart races; warmth runs down her neck and into her torn blouse. Reluctant to die but to stubborn to live, she continues. The rain falling from her face disguises her cowardly attempt.

The wind shifts, pushing her into a predestined direction.

A stranger on a bench catches her attention. All alone, he sits. Calm, unbothered by the angry winds; a tornado of leaves swept around him, avoiding his existence. Accompanying him is a long slender black case, perched against his leg.

The weary-hearted girl looks down at the case; it being the only object surrounding him appearing real. Curiosity moves her closer. ‘’Excuse me. Hi, are you from around here?’’ Electric pulses weave through her body as she sees his face is absent, and his body like that of a smudged painting.

With an intense stare, the stranger opens the doors to her soul and peeks inside. Viewing the damaged remnants of a child, piecing together the shattered events; creating for himself a mosaic. He then answers with a nod.

‘’Are you here for me?’’ hoping he was the faceless man coming to claim her gypsy soul.

He shook his head, still staring through her weeping hazel eyes.

‘’I don’t understand. I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?’’

He leans down and opens the case, and inside lays her heart that once resided on her shoulder.

The vessel containing all her scars, lay nestled in the palm of his leather glove. He retrieves a wand from the red velvet sleeve. With a bend of the bow, melody swims within her, soothing her wounds.

Succumbing to his music, she rests her arm on the bench behind him, watching the passion unveil his features; deep hazel eyes; curly brown hair; stubble outlining his chiseled jaw bone. Exasperated from the initial shock of his appearance and the cold night air filling her lungs, her chest caves to an unfamiliar maddening love. She shook her confusion loose and took in a deep breath, the rhythm of her infatuation obvious in the beating of her chest.

Harmony flowed from the moist brims of his mouth, ‘’you are my greatest dream. You are the one, beloved Queen. Take my hand and let’s be free. Come live a long life with me. Many causalities to find where we belong, listen to the beating iambs of truth, listen to the words of my song. Take my hand that possesses your heart, let’s dance off into the bellowing storms, away from the world that has set us apart. You are that perfect feeling, the lust that sets me reeling. You are my destiny that I’ve always known, with me in my arms, is where you belong…’’

Won over with his genuine pleas, she surrenders herself to him. Cocooning her essence around his without hesitation, mercy or fear; she yields.

Upon touching his hand, an unknown force travels through her fingertips, up her arm and into her mind; sadness vanishes and hope is reborn. Clouds part, the hail subsides; harps and pianos begin to fill the air around her.

Looking down on the ground below, she sees a teenager lying on the cobblestones, once doubting life, doubting hope, doubting love.

The stranger caresses her youthful rosy cheek, ‘’no more pain. No more tears. No more sorrow. You’re with me now,’’ and leads her into the light.

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