Matthew Eaton– Eternal Lover

Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him
Wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path
An eerie howl screaming through the treetops
He knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense
Yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face

Thoughts danced through his mind like the gale force wind through trees
She needed him, or so the whispers told him in his addled state
Sweat stained clothes, or were they tears of regret, clung to his body
He continued along, crimson eyes glaring in shadows around him
They soon would dine on their sorrow tonight, the wolves of regret.

He stopped in the stone strewn glade, his hands over his face to block the storm
The image appeared before him, a woman clad in flowing, glowing white
She laughed at his torment, but there was no malice in her angelic titter
For when she blew him a kiss, the winds did stop, and the anger subsided
Her eyes fluttered and she looked away, her coy acts rousing him further

“You came for me again, my love,” she said.
Her words were deft butterflies, dancing in the now gentle breeze
Fluttering around his head, touching his heart, caressing his soul
“But you know it is forbidden. Your father, your wife, your son…”
Her voice trailed away, and the trees bent in sadness

He closed the gap, his hands grasping through her, so desperate for her touch
He fell on one knee, the baying of the hounds behind him overwhelming his senses
They would come for him again, tie him to the posts, lock the door, and prevent his heart from yearning
He tasted defeat, acidic mixed with sulfur, copper dancing with iron
But the glow drew his attention, slender fingers caressing his pointed chin

“You are not meant to join me this day, my love,” she said
Her tone matched the sorrowful shake of the leaves above them
“The moon is full, the elderbloom is bright, and your future does not include me
Go, leave me now and never return. It is unnatural for you to pine over forest ghosts
We will be ready, in another time and another place.”

His heart sank, rejected again by the one he loved.
They never needed him; this is why they trapped him in his room
A silken lie lining a bitter rusty cage around his heart
But he was prepared this day, and took action to reach out to his love
Iron across throat, the last lonely kiss, and the darkness that engulfs us all

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