Get Ready!

Hello everyone!

Don’t miss out on our fun. Join the Writer’s Challenge that ends in three days!

Three more days til the Writer’s Challenge ends and the voting begins!!! How exciting! I think I’ve had too much coffee. The exclamation points are available in abundance this morning. I’m just SO EXCITED! Have I mentioned how excited I am yet?

If you are a G+ member, please feel free to submit your entry for the Challenge on this thread link. If you come from twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, please feel free to submit your entries to our email address

Writer’s Challenge ends October 25, 2013!! So make sure you submit them before midnight EST. Entries will be displayed here for voting on October 26, 2013 by 6 A.M. EST. 

Writer’s Challenge details below:

This is just for fun!!! No wrong or right here. Just WRITE! get your juices flowing!! (hush)

-tell story using this prompt in 500 words or less_
-mention whether you’re using Prompt 1 or 2
-post your story/poem/prose here on this thread (or via email). It needs to be on this thread in order for others to VOTE on it. If it isn’t on here, we will miss it.
-No need to use prompts word for word. Use the inspiration and create!
-DEADLINE: October 25th, 2013

Winner will be featured on my site promoting either their own book or a selected favorite that they have written, for an entire month & recognized by thousands of world-wide fellow writers/authors.

Feel Free to SHARE this link.

Prompt choices:

”Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him, wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; he knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face.”

”The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time. Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash.”

                                                     ****For all entries****
The author entering into this contest is to submit their own work. Not that of another. The winner will have the opportunity to promote their own work, not that of someone else’s. It’s only fair for the other writers who work hard to enter into this contest. Any entries that do not follow these requirements/rules will be removed from contest. 🙂 please remember, you don’t have to be perfect, just write! 🙂 Deadline is October 25th.

–A. Joleigh


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